Monday, September 1, 2014

I guess I have been eating goat food for the past year!

 In Salone they call them Cookeries, here in Ghana they call them Chop Bars

Whoa that sounds sweet! 20 foot waves! did you get any pictures? Were you able to surf any of them? There was a hurricane?  Enjoy the waves for me.

I guess that I havn't said much about Ghana have I. So to answer some of your questions...
most of the missionaries here are Americans actually,  there are few Africans comapred to my last mission where 2/3 of the missionaries were African. I kind of miss having it that way, some of these missionaries are woosies haha complaining about blessings they have in Ghana.. and everyone is leaving the sink running to long, I thought I would wait to get to America to see that problem, but because there is running water here everyone just leaves it running and I am always turning it off.

No there are no Ameican sisters here. Oh boy the food. Well I found out where fufu is ...haha its in Ghana and eveyone eats it. At first I struggled with the fufu because in Aalone one person fed it to us and it was terrible, so I have had that bad impression every time I try to swallow  it. They eat rice every once in a while. Its weird, there are kasava plants everywhere here but no one eats the leaves like in salone. They say they feed them to goats here, I guess I have been eating goat food for the past year, no wonder I have gotten fat!

Ghanaian children

The part of the country that I am in is the eastern region and they speak Twi like nothing over here. Its a hard language but everyone will speak english  The apartments are different, I have a cement floor but I do have electricity every day and water.

I am getting used to it more and more.

So BYU- H changed their semester starting dates? I  guess I will  go in November but I want to work before I go because I want to pay for it. So I am not sure but November shouldn't be bad. 

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