Monday, September 8, 2014

This week we knocked and we knocked and we knocked on doors!

Happy Monday Everybody!

This week we knocked and we knocked and we knocked on doors. Most of them just say no or come up with a lame excuse like they are cooking (all they do is sit there while their stew cooks...) . Its pretty funny to see actually but they have no idea what we are even going to say so they miss out a bunch. The few that did let us in this week were awesome. They had real problems and real questions about their life that we could help them with.

Sister Stevens. So this is a girl that was in the Wellington branch when I was serving in Salone. She went on a mission while I was there and funny enough she is serving here in Ghana and I met her here. It was pretty funny!

I got a letter from sister Farrell this week (former seminary teacher), it got her in 1 week! Thats awesome! I sent a post card last week so we will see how long that takes to get to you. Sister Farrell's letter helped me alot.

I have been able to hear from few people in Sierra Leone, but what is the latest news over there?

Not much more to say this week, it went really fast, and this transfer is going really fast actually, I guess the second year is starting quickly.

I'll see you soon! 

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