Monday, June 22, 2015

Alcohol had ruined her life and she wanted to fix it all!

Wow I didn't know it was that short. I guess thats right, I thought I had 10 weeks. Well, its going by quick, and I don't think about it too much.

Our area is going good this week. We had 3 members bring their friends to us, and we have been teaching all three and all three came to church. Their is an older woman in our ward who brought a friend to church, and the friend was totally wasted and I hear of this happening in other churches in Ghana, but I've never seen it at ours. Well at first I thought that the woman wouldn't listen to us, and that the member just picked this woman off the street and brought her to church. The member just handed the woman to us and said we should teach her, then walked away... on Wednesday we decided to go and see the drunk woman and the member,a and I was super surprised to see that the woman had not had any alcohol since Sunday. Ends up that she had a really wonderful life, with a husband, 4 kids, and a nice house. Now she doesn't know where her children are (probably with the husband) and she stays with friends at night. She was in tears on Wednesday because alcohol had ruined her life and she wanted to fix it all. So we gave her the Book of Mormon in TWI and we have a member read it for us and translate our words into twi. Its so sweet to see people who are so humble and want to change their lives and what better than the gospel of christ, that pushes all for good and righteousness.

My MTC trainer. I never thought I would see him again!

I will most likely finish here and elder Van will go home in 4 weeks so he will finish here too.

Yes I heard  few "Happy Father's Day" wishes at church. Not as big as mothers day. They have some similar holidays, and some that are unique to Ghana
huh good old summer.

Love you mom! Happy Fathers Day dad! Thank you for all your support.
Elder Beckett

Monday, June 15, 2015

We have had lots of adventures as companions!

It doesn't seem real to me that I have almost two months left. Max will come home in two weeks. Wow, that will be quite a Sunday with him and Zak speaking.

I am really happy about my mission. This week I went through my journal that I started at the beginning of my mission. I wont able to go through all of it, but how much joy I had in reading about the experiences I had in my mission. I hope I can read them to the family when I get home, and look at pictures. I am having such a great time!

I don't know if you have seen the movie "Ephriams Rescue", but we watched it today and it really inspired me to do what is right and have faith.

One thing from last week is that we went to the new town apartment  for exchanges  but because it was late we both stayed in the area. I'll send a pic, but we took the soft church chairs and slept on them with our mosquito nets. It was a great sleep over.

So in Ghana almost all people have an additional name, that is given, based on the day you are born. So I am Kwamie (saturday) and elder Van is Kwabena (tuesday). So we tell a lot of people that that is our names, because many struggle to say our names. So its funny to walk down the street and hear people calling for us "kwamie and kwebena". We have had lots of adventures as companions. As zone leaders we do a lot  We go to Accra once a month to receive training as leaders. We go on exchanges, we give sister missionaries blessings, and any other random stuff that comes up.

I am happy to be here, and I have realized so much that this is the lords work.
Love you mom and dad. I hope all is good at home.

Elder Beckett

 Kwebena and Kwamie working in the rain!

Monday, June 8, 2015

The elders were a big part of the choir!

Dear Beckett and Van Wagoner Families,                                                                5-27-2015
My husband and I are serving as public affairs missionaries in the Africa West Area.  We live in Accra, Ghana and work in the Area Offices here.  At the time, we are assigned to attend the Tema 3rd Ward on Sundays and to teach a Temple Prep class there.  Also assigned to that ward are a couple of the greatest missionaries!  We have had the opportunity to associate with your sons on Sundays for the last month or so and will be there for at least another 6 or 7 weeks.  We have really enjoyed the chance to get to know these two fine elders!  They seem to love the members and the feeling is returned!  They are always so upbeat and uplifting. 
Last Sunday was the Ward Conference.  The ward music chairperson had undertaken quite an involved musical number.  It brought several hymns together in a way that was unusual.  It turned out wonderful!  Your sons, The Elders, were a big part of the choir.  They started the number with just the two Elders singingBrightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy.  It was beautiful and so fitting!  They added so much to the choir that day and they always do. 
I just wanted you to know that they seem happy and they look great (and healthy).  You can be proud of them and know that they are anxiously engaged in The Lord’s work.   We love seeing them on Sundays.
Sister Peck

Cody and VanWagoner

Dear Sister Beckett and Sister Van Wagoner,                                                         6-1-2015                                                                                   

I just wanted to report on your missionaries after the flooding here in Ghana (news story  here  and an inspiring story of a missionary who rescued people during the flood here ). Tema, where they live, is a high part of the Greater Accra area.  There was lots of water but no real flooding in Tema.  We talked to them yesterday at church.  They're doing great.  The Tema 3rd Ward is a great Ward.  The bishop looks like he could be in the priests quorum and he is an awesome bishop!  He is so loving and reaches out to the members in such a wonderful way.  When we finish the Temple Prep. Lessons there, we will probably be assigned to another Ward and it will be hard to leave, but that's the nature of missionary work.

Just thought you might like to see how happy your sons look!  Notice how clean their shirts are! Very impressive! They're doing a great job!

Sister Peck 

"Sister Peck has been super nice to us! She gave us a box of cereal on Sunday! Which was awesome, I always love cereal  Yes our bishop looks young, but not too much, because I can see most of the ages now a days." 

Sister Beckett,                                                                                                      6-8-2015                                                                                                                                
We are from Pocatello, Idaho.  We have been in Ghana a little less than 5 months.  We have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know many of the wonderful people here.  The members here are so devoted and so full of faith.  One of the things we do as Public Affairs missionaries is keep up the mormonnewsroom site for Ghana.  It might be interesting to you go on and see some of the things that are happening here.  If you are interested, go to     Be sure and look at the resource article that is located below the headline articles.  It is entitled, Emerging with Faith in Africa.  It’s really inspiring.

Sister Peck

Can you send me a recipe for Rice Krispy treats? Sorry about this, I typed a big, sweet email about the week, but the internet crashed before I could send it, so we had to move computers. To answer some questions.. I come home on August 20. We have had a rough time here, but we have our shoulder to the wheel. I am doing sweet.

Love Elder Beckett


It really is a small world! The nurse in the picture, Nancy Kraus, is good family friend of ours who was on a medical mission in Ethiopia and happen to cross paths with a former missionary that Cody lived and served with in Sierra Leone before they were evacuated out and this missionary is now serving in Ethiopia  Cody's response when I showed him this picture: hahaha that is Elder Dramadri!!! e na MI bra! (he is my boss!) that is too good. My Uganda man!

Nancy's Facebook post with this picture: Part of yesterday. Missionaries came at 9 to help with cargo...cargo arrived at 2. They helped with other things and I gave them some money and told them to go out to lunch and they returned and worked for a good two hours unloading the truck here. Loved meeting them. Their families should be proud of their service #eldertjorntonkamasutah #elderburnetteoregon#elderrobinsonutah #elderdramudriuganda@beckettbunch he was with Cody in Sierra Leone 

Monday, June 1, 2015

We are doing our part of the work!

Hey mom,

In general conference, there was a mention of a family in Sierra Leone, the Turay family. There is a video on the church website about her and it shows her clinic. Her clinic is on the side of their house. I used to live in their house for the first 3 months of my mission. If you see the part of the video where there is a roa in front of the clinic, I used to pass there every day. They are a really sweet family! 

Click here to see the video Cody was talking about. Click here to listen to the inspiring talk from Henry B. Eyring who referenced the Turay family at general conference. 

WOW! Looks like lots is happening. Dallin came home, seminary looks great. Yes they have seminary here in ghana, and in sierra leone. They have early moring and evening. Jana's party looks like it was fun! Mom, did you make the cakes? Chad, and grandma look like they are doing really well.

Our week went well as we worked with the members.I was feeling that the members were thinking that we were not working with all of our effort, because we have very few people at sacrament meeting. This week we actually had 2 lessons with a member present, but we took members with us about 5 or 6 times. Many of the investigators that we planned to see with a member did not keep their commitment to meet with us. It was nice to have the members with us, they were really disappointed to not meet with the investigators, and it even gave them excitement to do missionary work. 

Tema is not all that easy, but we are doing our part of the work. I am trying to find the things that I can improve on so that I can be a better tool to do this work. Because missionary work requires the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost can only be present when we are clean an our desires are righteous, it makes missionaries to really seek the spirit and align themselves with the lord and do HIS work. 

I look forward to the day when I can work with the missionaries at home, are our missionaries serious about their work?

Mom thank you. I sent a letter to Jeff a while ago, did he get it? Dad, thank you for emailimg me each week. I have really enjoyed them. Thank you for all the care and concern.

Welcome to West Africa - "Swag up for Jesus"