Monday, September 29, 2014

I love to see the Sierra Leone people when they are happy!

Wow that's awesome! I love to see the Sierra Leone people when they are happy. Thats cool to see them going on missions and that the work is continuing.  

"News from Bo East District -- Messina Branch had 13 baptisms last week and Lewabu had 12. So great to hear some good news coming from Sierra Leone. Our heart and prayers are with our friends in Bo and all over western Africa."

"Some of the Bo Branch missionaries (they were called before the mission closed) - exciting to see the work go forward. Brother Ndaloma says that there were 3 baptisms today." 

Wow Hawaii looks really cool! That got me excited for school. Well keep on enjoying. When do you come back? Send me a post card. So I want to have shirts made for Brad, Jeff, Zac and Dad so can you send me their mesurments? (chest, shoulder to shoulder, sleeve, and length of shirt (shoulder to bottom of shirt)

So our ward was split? Thats weird, so how many people are in our ward now? I bet its really small now. I liked Aliso Creek ...It will seem weird to be called the Altisima ward.

I will have to wait 1 month to see General Conference, but I think the conference issue will come first.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it has helped me the most!

Wow you just keep finding all of the Elders from Salone. I didnt know Elder Maxfield, but when we were leaving I got to talk to him small. I am impressed that he still has an accent, I am not sure what accent I will come home with it will be a mix.. looks like you guys had a fun weekend!

That email that you sent me about Salone, I know brother Fofanah ( a brother who died from ebola). I was in the Kissy district. The Wellington Branch is in the Kissy District. I wish I could fix it all for them, those people don't deserve it. I have to just forget about them in the week or I cant focus. I write letters to them. Thanks for telling me, I like to hear about them.

When I was on an exchange this week I went to an area that was so nice it looked like I could be walking somewhere back home. Ghana is pretty nice!

Another quick week for us. Our area is looking up finally. We have been working hard and its great to see some of the fruits of the lords work. 

One sweet story for the week. We have an investigator called Sister Angela Doku, she is about 35 or so. She has been taught for a while; the restoration and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She was slowing down and loosing interest. Also, in the past weeks we have been getting to know the members, so we met a sister who lives near Angela, and it was a blessing because Angela lives pretty far away. So we took the member with us to Angela and taught the Plan of Salvation, about the pre -earth life! She was so curious about where we came from and about God, it was sweet to see her show so much interest and she kept saying "I lived with God? wow". There is a lesson for each person that will help them, for Angela it is the Plan of Salvation. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it has helped me the most. So that was a blessing this week.

My mission president will be coming to my district meeting  on Tuesday, so I am excited for him to come. I hope he will teach us something sweet, or maybe I will teach the whole time...

That's all folks
Elder Beckett

PS- Thanks Dad, that's what I needed to hear today. Oh and have fun in Hawaii, send me pictures.



Monday, September 15, 2014

This week we had "Missionary Sunday"

I had a cheese pizza this week and it was awesome. There are some really nice resturants here! It had cheese I haven't had that much cheese in a year, it kind of made my stomach hurt.

Well my week went really fast. We had a zone meeting and I went on two exchanges, so that made the week go really fast. I sent you a few pics this week I hope they are good and you enjoy them.

Sometimes I forget what season it is, during the week I will just realize that summer just ended and school is in. Ghana is really warm, the place that I am in (Koforidua, eastern region) is cooler than the other areas I have been in becuase there are clouds here. 
Ghana is really hot compared to Sierra Leone at least it seems because I came from rainy season to this half half rainy season that is hot.

If that man from our ward comes to Kofforidua that would be nice, but he will be landing in Accra where the mission headquaters is, its right next to the area office and the temple so he could drop it there...

Thats cool that you had stake conference this week and that dad is the stake young mens president. 

Alot of people in Ghana have laptops, but no internet so they still have to go to cafe's. No I dont think social media will be a part of the gospel here for a long time. No you haven't sent me a debit card yet and yes you should send those scriptures to me! I can get them to those people.

I hope your big seminary class is much better than ours was. I will someday do a deeper study the Doctrine and Covenants.

This week we had "Missionary Sunday" which is when the missionaries are in charge of church and do everything. I am not sure if it is a real church practice or if it is an excuse for leaders not to do anything. So this week I gave a talk on Charity and Loving your Enemies, taught Primary and Relief Society. We did get a few referals from it so that was cool.

I wrote some letters to my recent converts in Salone so hopefully they get those. Have you gotten my post card yet?

Welp another week ahead and I am going strong. I have been thinking a lot about the temple because there is one close ish. I really want to go there. Hopefully the Sierra Leonians can come this year, then I would be able to go with them. Till we meet next week!

Monday, September 8, 2014

This week we knocked and we knocked and we knocked on doors!

Happy Monday Everybody!

This week we knocked and we knocked and we knocked on doors. Most of them just say no or come up with a lame excuse like they are cooking (all they do is sit there while their stew cooks...) . Its pretty funny to see actually but they have no idea what we are even going to say so they miss out a bunch. The few that did let us in this week were awesome. They had real problems and real questions about their life that we could help them with.

Sister Stevens. So this is a girl that was in the Wellington branch when I was serving in Salone. She went on a mission while I was there and funny enough she is serving here in Ghana and I met her here. It was pretty funny!

I got a letter from sister Farrell this week (former seminary teacher), it got her in 1 week! Thats awesome! I sent a post card last week so we will see how long that takes to get to you. Sister Farrell's letter helped me alot.

I have been able to hear from few people in Sierra Leone, but what is the latest news over there?

Not much more to say this week, it went really fast, and this transfer is going really fast actually, I guess the second year is starting quickly.

I'll see you soon! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

I guess I have been eating goat food for the past year!

 In Salone they call them Cookeries, here in Ghana they call them Chop Bars

Whoa that sounds sweet! 20 foot waves! did you get any pictures? Were you able to surf any of them? There was a hurricane?  Enjoy the waves for me.

I guess that I havn't said much about Ghana have I. So to answer some of your questions...
most of the missionaries here are Americans actually,  there are few Africans comapred to my last mission where 2/3 of the missionaries were African. I kind of miss having it that way, some of these missionaries are woosies haha complaining about blessings they have in Ghana.. and everyone is leaving the sink running to long, I thought I would wait to get to America to see that problem, but because there is running water here everyone just leaves it running and I am always turning it off.

No there are no Ameican sisters here. Oh boy the food. Well I found out where fufu is ...haha its in Ghana and eveyone eats it. At first I struggled with the fufu because in Aalone one person fed it to us and it was terrible, so I have had that bad impression every time I try to swallow  it. They eat rice every once in a while. Its weird, there are kasava plants everywhere here but no one eats the leaves like in salone. They say they feed them to goats here, I guess I have been eating goat food for the past year, no wonder I have gotten fat!

Ghanaian children

The part of the country that I am in is the eastern region and they speak Twi like nothing over here. Its a hard language but everyone will speak english  The apartments are different, I have a cement floor but I do have electricity every day and water.

I am getting used to it more and more.

So BYU- H changed their semester starting dates? I  guess I will  go in November but I want to work before I go because I want to pay for it. So I am not sure but November shouldn't be bad.