Monday, September 29, 2014

I love to see the Sierra Leone people when they are happy!

Wow that's awesome! I love to see the Sierra Leone people when they are happy. Thats cool to see them going on missions and that the work is continuing.  

"News from Bo East District -- Messina Branch had 13 baptisms last week and Lewabu had 12. So great to hear some good news coming from Sierra Leone. Our heart and prayers are with our friends in Bo and all over western Africa."

"Some of the Bo Branch missionaries (they were called before the mission closed) - exciting to see the work go forward. Brother Ndaloma says that there were 3 baptisms today." 

Wow Hawaii looks really cool! That got me excited for school. Well keep on enjoying. When do you come back? Send me a post card. So I want to have shirts made for Brad, Jeff, Zac and Dad so can you send me their mesurments? (chest, shoulder to shoulder, sleeve, and length of shirt (shoulder to bottom of shirt)

So our ward was split? Thats weird, so how many people are in our ward now? I bet its really small now. I liked Aliso Creek ...It will seem weird to be called the Altisima ward.

I will have to wait 1 month to see General Conference, but I think the conference issue will come first.

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