Monday, June 30, 2014

"You Can Best Believe That Will Be Saying The Pledge Of Allegiance"!

I am glad everything  is good at home and I'm glad that Zac is having an adventurous time. I forgot that it is summer at home! You must be enjoying the nice beaches and the cool air. It is the fourth of July on Friday and you can best believe that  I will be saying the pledge of allegiance and the star spangle banner. I am only missing an american flag. 

My companion is sweet. His name is Elder Zenovieff. I am sure you can find his mom in your email group

                                                                                   Saki (kasava leaf) - It taste nice!

At Burreh beach dreaming about the old days back home!

                                                                                      I met some local surfers

  In the bush

                                                     Some small members toting my packages to the apartment   

                                                                            Elder Latu and I up high in our area

                                                                                    Eating after some service (community bowl)

                                                     Elder Dramadri, my body guard. Also my boss from Uganda!

                                                                                I de inside de bush

                                                                         Usman Sankohs baptism, he's the one next to me

                                                                           Hike to the waterfall in a trio

                                                                   P-day hike to Grafton Waterfalls

                                                                        We love you! Banana bread in a heart
Ebola. I really feel that ebola  really is not that  prevalent here. I feel that the government is saying that is is here and hyping the whole thing up for some weird political reasons. Its really strange to even hear conspiracy theories here! I have found that the government is really corrupt and that this country could be doing much better if there were just leaders. But we are still alive and have no ebola. We take good measures to make sure that we don't get it or spread it.

I have been doing good this week but many of our investigators have bounced us. We are really trying to find new people.  We are keeping our heads high and praying for guidance.

It never gets old to be a missionary. I love teaching the restored gospel to people. Its amazing to bring forward the restoration and unfold the truths of the gospel. We are still restoring people to the truth. I am really enjoying being evolved in the restoration.

Coming up on 1 year, its going quick!

Elder Beckett

Monday, June 23, 2014

Surprise !!

Suprise!! So I figured out how to copy pictures on my camera to other cards, so it is a safe way to send them. I just copy some of the pics I want to send onto another card so if they get deleted I will still have them on the card I copied from. So I have tried for about an hour to send you pics and I can only send one. I will try to send more but this computer is lame.

All the Elders that live in Cody's apartment.

 Well its good to hear that you guys love each other....haha. Seems like a perfect Father's Day.

Transfers came this week and I thought for sure that I would be going and Elder Latu and Elder Zenovieff would be staying. Ends up I will be in Wellington for another 6 weeks at least. Elder Latu went to the west end of Freetown to enjoy. The west end has supermarkets and malls. I am excited to stay, but its really hard now, because I feel that I know all of Wellington, and there is no one more to find but I will stay persistent in the work. Elder Latu was great to serve with but I now have a lighter load. Now I'm only a district leader not a trainer too. My new compnaion is Elder Zenovieff and he is from Utah.

We have really been working hard and planning well lately, but it seems as though no one wants to meet with us. A lot of people schedule us for Saturday and Sunday and then at the last minute are somewhere away from their house. We have had a small amount of lessons this weeks, but we have followed the spirit and done our best.

This transfer will make me 10 and 11 months on mission. Wow! Does that go fast... and so many missionaries are coming on missions.

So there is no garbage system here in the east, so we put our trash in a big oil drum to burn, kind of like you see in movies, but ours are trash. Usually the trash burns pretty easy, it consists of plastic and cardboard. This time it was a little wet so we put some diesel on it to help it catch. Diesel combusts at a very high temperature, so when you put a match on it, it doesn't really catch easy. So I bought some Petrol and put a cup of it on. I guess I forgot how flammable Petrol is, I dropped the match on it with my head looking in. A big cloud of flame came out and singed  the front of my hair so I had to cut it. Petrol is really flammable.. haha!! 

Nothing else too exciting this week!

Love you, 
Elder Beckett

Monday, June 16, 2014

He is the stongest convert that I have ever met here!

 I'm doing really great. I am still a little fat, even when I look at my pictures when I as at home, I see that I was a lot smaller but I am working to get all of that off. 

Being a district leader is easy actually, good thing that I was with district leaders for my whole mission, to know how to do things. Transfers will be here in 2 weeks  but I am most positive that I will be leaving this area. They started the transfers a little early because they are splitting our zone. So we received Elder Zenovieff into our companionship, so we will be together in a trio for about 2 weeks, then I'm expected to go. I feel that I have left a beneficial mark on this area, I have seen it turn completely around really. Brother Sankoh will baptize and his whole family has committed to baptize, so that is the hi-light of my week. He is the strongest convert that I have ever met here, and his family is going to be a great addition to the branch.

Rainy season seems to be slowly coming, but it's coming, we now have shade from clouds and small rain.
Yay.. I am scared to come home and see Zac as a man, I don't really know what to expect. I don't think I could get anything leather like that, but yay there are things here that I will come home with. My time is going too quickly, I will soon be 1 year here.
I don't really give things out to people on the streets, we are not supposed to, but if you do send me some small church things for the primary, they usually like that, like stickers, or CTR rings and stuff like that.
So sweet to see the temple and Joel and Kristina's sealing. I cant wait to go there! looks like a really awesome time. I miss the temple.
I am glad that you are doing great.
 Elder Beckett

Monday, June 9, 2014

Elder Latu sleeps on the floor because he likes too!

I am pretty exhausted today. We hiked to a really sweet water fall today, but it took us a few hours and now I am tired. This week was pretty slow actually. A lot of people bounced us, but we managed. Usman Sankoh was baptized on Saturday. He bore powerful testimony about the gospel and about how he wants his family to join and want to be seal for all time and eternity. He is awesome, he really brings a new light to the branch. I am really glad I got to see him get baptized and be
able help  teach him.

So we have been in a threesome this week, so we had to switch rooms in our apartment to fit all three of us in a room so me and Elder Zenovieff sleep on the beds and Elder Latu sleeps on the floor because he likes too. We had to hang a new net too. I am not really a big fan of being in threesome, but I think by the end of this week I will be leaving Wellington. I will know on Saturday, so I will be letting you know next week.

Elder Zenovieff knows one of the elders serving in the ward at home so ask them if they know him. Thanks for all the pictures this week and thank you for the package of sunshine you sent me. I really needed that to keep me going this week. I loved every thing and all the letters were super sweet. I like to share all the things you sent with the elders in the apartment.

I love you, sorry this is short, I done tire boku!

Elder Beckett

Monday, June 2, 2014

We got "Honorable Almami" to church

Good to hear from you. Sorry today I don't have a lot of time. The internet cafe was really full today. I have one pretty good story.
So Elder Latu received a referral this week from some other missionaries. We met with the man, found out his family lives in the u.s. and he moves back and forth. We could tell he wasn't the same as all the rest of the people here, he has been americanized, but that is just to our benefit. So it was a pretty usual thing, we committed him to baptism, gave him a Book of Mormon, and invited him to church.

So Sunday rolls around and this man (Almami) shows up to sacrament meeting. When he walks in everyone starts greeting him and saying hello to him. At firstI thought that the branch decided to actually greet new people as they came in. Even in the announcements they welcomed Almami. So after a while of watching some of this go on, I find out from one of the members that he is an "honorable". That means that he is one of the big guys in the government. It's like we just got Obama to church... hahaha!  So ends up we got "honorable Almami" to church on Sunday and he is progressing in the gospel.
I am doing well. I hope every thing is going well at  home. I am sure it is. Sorry this is short.

Elder Beckett