Monday, June 16, 2014

He is the stongest convert that I have ever met here!

 I'm doing really great. I am still a little fat, even when I look at my pictures when I as at home, I see that I was a lot smaller but I am working to get all of that off. 

Being a district leader is easy actually, good thing that I was with district leaders for my whole mission, to know how to do things. Transfers will be here in 2 weeks  but I am most positive that I will be leaving this area. They started the transfers a little early because they are splitting our zone. So we received Elder Zenovieff into our companionship, so we will be together in a trio for about 2 weeks, then I'm expected to go. I feel that I have left a beneficial mark on this area, I have seen it turn completely around really. Brother Sankoh will baptize and his whole family has committed to baptize, so that is the hi-light of my week. He is the strongest convert that I have ever met here, and his family is going to be a great addition to the branch.

Rainy season seems to be slowly coming, but it's coming, we now have shade from clouds and small rain.
Yay.. I am scared to come home and see Zac as a man, I don't really know what to expect. I don't think I could get anything leather like that, but yay there are things here that I will come home with. My time is going too quickly, I will soon be 1 year here.
I don't really give things out to people on the streets, we are not supposed to, but if you do send me some small church things for the primary, they usually like that, like stickers, or CTR rings and stuff like that.
So sweet to see the temple and Joel and Kristina's sealing. I cant wait to go there! looks like a really awesome time. I miss the temple.
I am glad that you are doing great.
 Elder Beckett

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