Monday, June 30, 2014

"You Can Best Believe That Will Be Saying The Pledge Of Allegiance"!

I am glad everything  is good at home and I'm glad that Zac is having an adventurous time. I forgot that it is summer at home! You must be enjoying the nice beaches and the cool air. It is the fourth of July on Friday and you can best believe that  I will be saying the pledge of allegiance and the star spangle banner. I am only missing an american flag. 

My companion is sweet. His name is Elder Zenovieff. I am sure you can find his mom in your email group

                                                                                   Saki (kasava leaf) - It taste nice!

At Burreh beach dreaming about the old days back home!

                                                                                      I met some local surfers

  In the bush

                                                     Some small members toting my packages to the apartment   

                                                                            Elder Latu and I up high in our area

                                                                                    Eating after some service (community bowl)

                                                     Elder Dramadri, my body guard. Also my boss from Uganda!

                                                                                I de inside de bush

                                                                         Usman Sankohs baptism, he's the one next to me

                                                                           Hike to the waterfall in a trio

                                                                   P-day hike to Grafton Waterfalls

                                                                        We love you! Banana bread in a heart
Ebola. I really feel that ebola  really is not that  prevalent here. I feel that the government is saying that is is here and hyping the whole thing up for some weird political reasons. Its really strange to even hear conspiracy theories here! I have found that the government is really corrupt and that this country could be doing much better if there were just leaders. But we are still alive and have no ebola. We take good measures to make sure that we don't get it or spread it.

I have been doing good this week but many of our investigators have bounced us. We are really trying to find new people.  We are keeping our heads high and praying for guidance.

It never gets old to be a missionary. I love teaching the restored gospel to people. Its amazing to bring forward the restoration and unfold the truths of the gospel. We are still restoring people to the truth. I am really enjoying being evolved in the restoration.

Coming up on 1 year, its going quick!

Elder Beckett

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