Monday, July 7, 2014

Baffling News! The Gospel Is Restored!

Wow, you had a wonderful week! All those pictures are so sweet, and the beach makes me miss home a bit. The 4th was nice, it was a standard day for us, but in the evening we ate a chocolate cake that Elder Zenovieff had. We put a lot of candles on top and lit it all on fire. Cake tasted really good. On Thursday I had a pretty high fever, so I had to come home early, but the week was good.

We made a cake for the 4th of July and put matches in the shape of an A on it... A for America!  I am very grateful for America! 

                                 So this is how I play the music that you sent me. It just plugs into the side.
         (*Note.. the candles sitting on the pamphlet - that's Cody's light when he doesn't have electricity or generator use)
Our makeshift gym

We are enjoying a free meal that a member gave to us.

Sometimes it's pretty funny and amusing to see the reaction people have when they hear that the gospel has been restored. It would be pretty shocking news to know that all a persons beliefs have just been blown out of the water and that they have been lost for so long. Some people totally reject the message, some are dumbfounded by it, others are so excited. This week we were teaching David, who was actually a former investigator that I was teaching when I first came to this area. We explained the restoration and the Book of Mormon, and as usual he had questions to try to figure out what all of this meant. It caused him great concern. Even in his prayer he told God that he was "baffled and confused". It just reminded me of the wonderful messages that we are bringing to people and the great importance that it has. I know its true because I have lived the gospel and have felt that it is something that does and will bless me and give me happiness. 

Oh and missionaries have been pulled out of Kenema (area in Sierra Leone) because of Ebola. I am far away but who knows what will happen. I am sure the missionaries are safe.

Love Elder Beckett

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