Monday, July 21, 2014

I am planning on leaving my missionary library!

Hello Mom,

The river looks awesome! I expect Zac to barefoot for me, so tell him and get pics for me please. Who from our family is there?

Yeah I guess that I have really gotten used to this place, so nothing seems super shocking to me anymore but I will still try to share stuff with you about Sierra Leone. I have more pictures today too.

If you see Landon, Elder Mthembu was wondering how Elder Gold is doing. Its funny to see someone from South Africa that knew Elder Gold. 

So sweet to see people going on missions. When is Sam Chamberlin going and also when is Grant Hiltbrand going to Botswana? Ends up that Botswana and Namibia are in the same mission and I know a few people from Botswana and Namibia, so I want to send him something when they go home. 

This week we were doing a lot of finding in a part of the area I haven't really ever been in, so it was really nice. It kept me really motivated.

Brother Sankoh is still a boss! Man he is such a powerful and inspirational man. Its so sweet to see people grab so tightly to the gospel and gain so much knowledge about the church. He is answering peoples questions in the gospel principles class and every time we go to visit him he is reading his Book of Mormon. 

Brother Sankoh is still a boss!! I love this guy!

We have started teaching his wife and he wants to be sealed to his family. Ends up she has a word of wisdom problem, and that was one of the first things we taught her. She struggles to understand us a little bit, but I have seen the spirit teaching her so much. She has stopped some of her habits and says that she is thankful for a prophet to help her know that those things will harm us spiritually and physically. That family is so sweet. I am planning on leaving my missionary library with him, because you cant get those books here. I also want to give him a nice pair of scriptures  but I cant get them here. I want to know if you can send me the standard works for him with his name on them "Osman B. Sankoh". It would be a blessing that he would use his whole life. I love that guy.

Also if you could send another standard works I would love to give it to an Elder whose scriptures are falling apart, and can't afford new ones. Its that really sweet one that I love from Uganda. I have sent a few pics of him. I know it is kind of expensive, so I can pay you back in a year.

 Elder Dramadri, my body guard and my boss from Uganda!

Also with packages, to make sure that no one breaks into them, put duct tape on all the edges. They wont even try to get into it. Oh and when you do send a package, include something that I can give to converts like a "true to the faith" or a picture of the first presidency or a card with the articles of faith on them or anything that would be good to strengthen them. I got a package from Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Brent and Chad. Thank you guys so much! Those packages seem to come just when I need them.

Did I ever show you this guy? Jana would love it!!

Our area book got wet.

I changed the oil in our generator. Oh and an Ebola poster haha!!

Well we are doing good, enjoy the river.

Elder Beckett

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