Monday, July 14, 2014

I Love the Gospel and Sierra Leone!

Yeah, I seem to get sick just about every transfer. I don't really know what it is, there just isn't good sanitation here so  I guess that's the problem. More and more people are talking about ebola, it scares some of the missionaries, but a lot of the rumors here are not true. Kenama is now closed to missionaries, so the branches out there are doing missionary work on there own.

When we first heard about Ebola, we were not allowed to shake anybody's hands. So at church, members would think that it was weird that we wouldn't shake their hands but today when we go to church, you can hardly find a member to shake your hand. All we do is fist bump. haha!!

Im glad Zac is enjoying EFY... tell him a mission is like a long EFY!!. So sweet to hear about Jordan and Brandon (friends both leaving on missions soon). Almost all the guys are on mission now. So sweet!
Yeah the weather app you have is pretty correct. Yesterday, for the whole day it rained. It came down hard! You have never experienced rain until you come here.

The mission is changing so much here, all the leader that were here when I first came are now gone. It is like the mission is trying to figure out how to do everything. President Ostler has made some sweet changes to how missionary leadership works, so all the missionaries are more accountable for what they do.

I have been reading from the Teachings of Joseph Smith this week and it is amazing to read the words of the prophet of the restoration. I have no doubt that he was a prophet!

Also, I found out that there is Boy Scouts here. There is a scout camp about 30 min away from where I am. They have almost all the same stuff that we do. I have seen a few of them walking around and its fun to tell them I am a scout.
Well my perspective in life is changed every day, I love the gospel and Sierra Leone.

I will see you soon!

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