Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When you leave an area, you are likely to never see these people again in your life, so its not easy!

So first to answer all of your questions. Yes we can get cold water if we buy it but its hard to come across ice. Yes, you spell it Dramadri for those scriptures for the Elder. Yeah we only have 2 elders in our mission from Zambia... pretty interesting people too!

Its crazy to think that so many people from home are coming and going on missions. It goes so fast too. All the days seem to blend into one!

On an exchange with Elder itomo, we went to a service project in someone's house. We were making the floor level. He's a sweet guy from Nigeria!

Found this guy crawling around at a service project.. tasty too :-) ...haha, just kidding!!

Another sunrise in Salone

So I guess its strange to email you on a Wednesday. We had a national holiday here on Monday so the internet cafe was not open and the shops all closed. Its called prayer day (Ramadan). All the muslims go to the mosque to pray one last time while fasting. They fast for 30 days (they can eat after 7pm until sunrise). So we taught a lot of people about prayer and we also watched a few  church restoration films. Usually we can't watch films because there isn't any light (electricity) but because it was prayer day, the electricity was turned on and everyone had light. It was actually a problem. I have never had to ask a person to turn off the TV to start a lesson. The TV's are really distracting. I am not used to having them around. I would not do well in the US where everywhere you go is something distracting to look at... hahah it was an interesting day! You could hardly find people in the street because everyone was inside watching films.

Elder Vinson from the quorum of the 70's came and talked to us yesterday, that was super sweet, he's from Australia.

After the service project, they gave us a lot of food. Even though 8 of us ate, we couldn't finish it!

Elder Zenovieff and I in the bush after some home teaching

We went visiting teaching with Sister Turray. She is one of my favorite members in Wellington. She always gives us food, when her own family struggles to eat.

Next week I should be transferred, I have been here a really long, so we will see where I'm going next. Hopefully not too far, I like this place. Also, when you leave an area, you are likely to never see these people again in your life, so its not easy!

Well I have long life and well body.
Elder Beckett

Ebola Update


Sierra Leone Freetown Mission

28 Jul 2014

President Ostler

Dear Elders and Sisters,

The outbreak of Ebola continues. I appreciate your prayers for the people affected, for Kenema where it continues to spread and asking the Lord to stop it spreading to other areas in Sierra Leone.

Here are some things we know:

- The survival rate for the outbreak is substantially higher when people receive early treatment. Overall the survival rate is 50%. For those who receive early treatment it is about 70%. Helping people to trust the health care system and get looked at early with symptoms increases survival.

- The US embassy conducted a briefing on Thursday which our couples attended. They were briefed by senior US and Sierra Leonean medical experts. They confirm that our precautions are the right precautions. They also confirmed that although there are a few cases in Freetown and Bo, these people were all infected in eastern Sierra Leone. There still is no person to person transmission in Freetown, Bo or Makeni.

- It is widely reported that there was a case in Freetown of a woman who was at a local hospital whose family took her from the hospital. She has since been found, but later passed away reportedly as an Ebola victim

- Kenema continues to have new cases and some civil unrest. The Jests have been relocated to Freetown as a precaution. One of our members in Kenema died from Ebola last week. The lead doctor in Kenema has contracted Ebola and is receiving treatment.

- There was a case where a Liberian flew to Lagos and collapsed upon arrival in Lagos and has since died from Ebola. He contracted it in Liberia. Airlines are now monitoring health of passengers. There are travel restrictions other than checking whether travelers are in good health.

- Our humanitarian couple is providing general church relief to the government and to the members in Kenema.

- We have called 14 full time branch missionaries from Kenema to serve in Kenema. They will serve for several months and are staying in our apartment and following the missionary schedule, missionary rules and will help the work continue to progress in Kenema. The 7 senior companions are all returned missionaries, so we expect that the work in Kenema will continue effectively.

We continue to monitor to ensure our missionaries are safe. We pray that you will continue to follow the guidelines which we have provided.

With Love,

President Ostler

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