Monday, June 9, 2014

Elder Latu sleeps on the floor because he likes too!

I am pretty exhausted today. We hiked to a really sweet water fall today, but it took us a few hours and now I am tired. This week was pretty slow actually. A lot of people bounced us, but we managed. Usman Sankoh was baptized on Saturday. He bore powerful testimony about the gospel and about how he wants his family to join and want to be seal for all time and eternity. He is awesome, he really brings a new light to the branch. I am really glad I got to see him get baptized and be
able help  teach him.

So we have been in a threesome this week, so we had to switch rooms in our apartment to fit all three of us in a room so me and Elder Zenovieff sleep on the beds and Elder Latu sleeps on the floor because he likes too. We had to hang a new net too. I am not really a big fan of being in threesome, but I think by the end of this week I will be leaving Wellington. I will know on Saturday, so I will be letting you know next week.

Elder Zenovieff knows one of the elders serving in the ward at home so ask them if they know him. Thanks for all the pictures this week and thank you for the package of sunshine you sent me. I really needed that to keep me going this week. I loved every thing and all the letters were super sweet. I like to share all the things you sent with the elders in the apartment.

I love you, sorry this is short, I done tire boku!

Elder Beckett

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