Monday, June 22, 2015

Alcohol had ruined her life and she wanted to fix it all!

Wow I didn't know it was that short. I guess thats right, I thought I had 10 weeks. Well, its going by quick, and I don't think about it too much.

Our area is going good this week. We had 3 members bring their friends to us, and we have been teaching all three and all three came to church. Their is an older woman in our ward who brought a friend to church, and the friend was totally wasted and I hear of this happening in other churches in Ghana, but I've never seen it at ours. Well at first I thought that the woman wouldn't listen to us, and that the member just picked this woman off the street and brought her to church. The member just handed the woman to us and said we should teach her, then walked away... on Wednesday we decided to go and see the drunk woman and the member,a and I was super surprised to see that the woman had not had any alcohol since Sunday. Ends up that she had a really wonderful life, with a husband, 4 kids, and a nice house. Now she doesn't know where her children are (probably with the husband) and she stays with friends at night. She was in tears on Wednesday because alcohol had ruined her life and she wanted to fix it all. So we gave her the Book of Mormon in TWI and we have a member read it for us and translate our words into twi. Its so sweet to see people who are so humble and want to change their lives and what better than the gospel of christ, that pushes all for good and righteousness.

My MTC trainer. I never thought I would see him again!

I will most likely finish here and elder Van will go home in 4 weeks so he will finish here too.

Yes I heard  few "Happy Father's Day" wishes at church. Not as big as mothers day. They have some similar holidays, and some that are unique to Ghana
huh good old summer.

Love you mom! Happy Fathers Day dad! Thank you for all your support.
Elder Beckett

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