Monday, June 1, 2015

We are doing our part of the work!

Hey mom,

In general conference, there was a mention of a family in Sierra Leone, the Turay family. There is a video on the church website about her and it shows her clinic. Her clinic is on the side of their house. I used to live in their house for the first 3 months of my mission. If you see the part of the video where there is a roa in front of the clinic, I used to pass there every day. They are a really sweet family! 

Click here to see the video Cody was talking about. Click here to listen to the inspiring talk from Henry B. Eyring who referenced the Turay family at general conference. 

WOW! Looks like lots is happening. Dallin came home, seminary looks great. Yes they have seminary here in ghana, and in sierra leone. They have early moring and evening. Jana's party looks like it was fun! Mom, did you make the cakes? Chad, and grandma look like they are doing really well.

Our week went well as we worked with the members.I was feeling that the members were thinking that we were not working with all of our effort, because we have very few people at sacrament meeting. This week we actually had 2 lessons with a member present, but we took members with us about 5 or 6 times. Many of the investigators that we planned to see with a member did not keep their commitment to meet with us. It was nice to have the members with us, they were really disappointed to not meet with the investigators, and it even gave them excitement to do missionary work. 

Tema is not all that easy, but we are doing our part of the work. I am trying to find the things that I can improve on so that I can be a better tool to do this work. Because missionary work requires the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost can only be present when we are clean an our desires are righteous, it makes missionaries to really seek the spirit and align themselves with the lord and do HIS work. 

I look forward to the day when I can work with the missionaries at home, are our missionaries serious about their work?

Mom thank you. I sent a letter to Jeff a while ago, did he get it? Dad, thank you for emailimg me each week. I have really enjoyed them. Thank you for all the care and concern.

Welcome to West Africa - "Swag up for Jesus"

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