Monday, June 15, 2015

We have had lots of adventures as companions!

It doesn't seem real to me that I have almost two months left. Max will come home in two weeks. Wow, that will be quite a Sunday with him and Zak speaking.

I am really happy about my mission. This week I went through my journal that I started at the beginning of my mission. I wont able to go through all of it, but how much joy I had in reading about the experiences I had in my mission. I hope I can read them to the family when I get home, and look at pictures. I am having such a great time!

I don't know if you have seen the movie "Ephriams Rescue", but we watched it today and it really inspired me to do what is right and have faith.

One thing from last week is that we went to the new town apartment  for exchanges  but because it was late we both stayed in the area. I'll send a pic, but we took the soft church chairs and slept on them with our mosquito nets. It was a great sleep over.

So in Ghana almost all people have an additional name, that is given, based on the day you are born. So I am Kwamie (saturday) and elder Van is Kwabena (tuesday). So we tell a lot of people that that is our names, because many struggle to say our names. So its funny to walk down the street and hear people calling for us "kwamie and kwebena". We have had lots of adventures as companions. As zone leaders we do a lot  We go to Accra once a month to receive training as leaders. We go on exchanges, we give sister missionaries blessings, and any other random stuff that comes up.

I am happy to be here, and I have realized so much that this is the lords work.
Love you mom and dad. I hope all is good at home.

Elder Beckett

 Kwebena and Kwamie working in the rain!

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