Monday, August 25, 2014

So I guess I'm still a refugee!

P-day in Ghana. Look how nice this place is. It has a field with grass. We played football (soccer)!

So I guess I am still a refugee! At least I still feel like one. After two weeks of being in Kwabenya I was transfered to Adweso in Koforidua. So I am still being moved around and settling in but all is well in Adweso. I have had a good time this week, instructing elders on things they can do in missionary work that they have never tried before, that I have learned from my last mission. President Heid put me as a District Leader here which is funny because I dont really know how Ghana works yet, but I like to instruct, it keeps me going. I love to see people progress and be better missionaries.

Ghana is nice, there are lots of resources here, lots of things you can do here than I couldn't  in Sierra Leone because of how Ghana is advanced past Sierra Leone. I am in an internet cafe right now that looks like I am at home, its even quiet in here like a library. The people are different though. I dont know how to connect with them like I could in Salone, but I will get used to that.

On Saturday when I was on mission for a year, it felt like I had started over. It was a long day. We contacted for like 4 hours because our appointments bounced us, I didnt know how to contact people here, and I wanted to sleep. Not a bad way to celebrate I guess.. we bike alot here, and my legs are feeling it, but not bad I need to work out anyways. This mission is a little more ralaxed about missionary work, but that can change.

Two days before we were locked down in Salone, Elder Vincent from the seventies came and spake to us and now I get to hear from Elder Dube on Wednesday. So that is pretty cool!

Well I wrote a few letters home so I hope you can get it.

Also there are ATM's here, so if I get my card I can get personal money that way. 

Ghana has a lot of culture, so there is actually cool stuff to buy here. Hopefully I can get things before I am transfered again ..hahaha!

Well love Eder Beckett

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