Monday, August 11, 2014

I miss Sierra Leone and everything about the culture!

So first to answer your questions:

1) I think there was only two chartered flights. Half went to portugal, half straight to Ghana.  After Portugal, there weren't  any more chartered flights so regular airline to England.
2) President Ostler will be released
3) No you don't have to send me a suit or shoes I should be able to find everything here.
4) No one  from the mission will be in Sierra Leone
5) I can buy new books here. The area office is here, so they have everything
6) I will try to get that elders address
7) The flights were sweet, they fed us super awesome sandwiches.

Yeah I have a lot of emails this week asking how I am and stuff about Ebola.  Haha... thats really funny that all of that stuff  happened this week (he is commenting regarding my Facebook post this week - What are the chances that two of your sons happen to be living where the top two news stories are being covered. Ebola in Sierra Leone and Hurricane in Hawaii).

What a week! One son in the middle of the hurricane in Hawaii, one son being evacuated from Sierra Leone because of the Ebola virus, one son gets 25 stitches. Hopefully, the other two children will stay quietly in their rooms where they have been locked up until next week

 Brad and I are living in awesome places!! Do you have any pictures of Jeff's actual cut?  Thats a funny facebook post.
That is so sweet that Elder Losee is in the singles ward back home (one of the Elders evacuated with Cody)! if you talk to him, he will give you a lot of information about what happened. He is a sweet guy and give him lots of cookies, its not easy to adjust.

Yeah, I thought that they might know president Heid (Cody's new mission president is from Fallbrook and some of our family that live there know him). Thats really funny, next time I see him I will ask him if he remembers them.

Its pretty hard adjusting. I just want to talk to everyone in krio and its hard here because everyone speaks english and its hard to connect with people because I dont know how to speak their language. I miss Sierra Leone and everything about the culture. People here are not as welcoming. I am looking forward to meeting some of the Sierra Leone missionaries that are serving here.. the mission is run completely different, so I am tryig to get used to that. It doesnt seem like there is too big of a focus on Preach My Gospel, which is all we focused on in Serra Leone but I realize that I am now in a new mission with different goals. Because there is 24 hour light here, we work until 9 which makes me really tired but it's nice to have electricity all the time.

Ghana, from what I have seen is sooo nice. There is so much stuff here and the buildings are nice....Although yeah, we are still in West Africa, its so sweet. I'll send you some pics sometime soon.

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elder beckett

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