Friday, August 8, 2014

One year mark! Travels from Sierra Leone to Portugal to London then to Ghana!

It was a memorable way to celebrate my one year on my mission traveling to all these places and the huge hotel and nice food. One year has gone by quick. On the plane they were wearing white gloves. I can't tell if they were trying to be fancy or they were scared of the ebola thing.   It will be interesting to serve my last year in Ghana. It's quiet different but not bad. Lodon is exactly like you think it would look.

From Sierra Leone to Portugal, over North Africa, the winds blow the dusts up into the clouds and you can see it. I thought it was pretty cool.

The mission in Portugal gave us super nice food and a nice hotel.

Look how nice the bathroom is! I felt like we were on the best vacation ever.

London airport with Elder Maughan and Elder Barlow. The last time we saw each other. 

Just thought I would take a quick break from missionary work and go to London for the weekend and get some Starbucks... nice to taste some food!

First time to have cheese in a year!

My first companion in Ghana, Elder Van Wagoner.

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