Monday, April 6, 2015

You met my people!

Mom! Happy Easter! Wow thats super cool that all of you got to go to conference, I havn't seen it yet, but I will see small small as I am coming to the cafe, I can get them on We will get to see it in about a month hopefully. 

EHH YU DE ENJOY O! YU DON MIT MI PEOPLE O!!!! ( you enjoyed! you met my people) hahah wow that is super sweet! the ones on the left are bro ans sis koroma right? and the ones an the right are bro and sis odei? the two on the left look like salone people and the two on the right look like ghanians! wow am i jelous pa pa!!! Where are they going to school? Where do they live! hahaha yes I know Sister Owusu. I would love a Ghanian dish when I return! Do you know where in bo the Koromas are from? ehhh did you get there information? I want to know them when I come home! Wow would that be fun when I come home! 

We were so excited to meet these wonderful people at Genral Conference on Easter. One couple is from Sierra Leone and the other from Ghana! 

Wow mom sounds like you have had a great week! Brads Easter post looks sweet. Sounds like all things de du fin oba yonda. I have had a sweet one too, we have had some people really be blessed by the gospel lately, easter has been fun too. I got the package from grandpa and grandma Richins. We made pudding and I shared the treats with everyone in the apartment. We got permission to go see the movie "Freetown", so tonight we will go watch it with a few investigators at the stake center. I guess it was filmed in Ghana.

Sweet Easter.

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