Monday, April 20, 2015

I love how much new missionaries rely on the lord

Hey Mom,

haha looks like a fun day at church.  Yeah the small tongan that I have hear sounds dificult. I used to be able to bare my testimony in Krio well, but now sabi em small small. Twi no way, Twi is dificult and we dont use it like we used krio.

Its good to hear that you got to see jeff.

Sounds cool with school. So I have to live on campus? I wil talk to the others about who I will room with.

The week was pretty normal (for west africa). Although there were some pretty interesting things that happened this week. An indian family moved into our compound this week, and it makes it the weirdest compound I have stayed in. Our ladlord is white, who also stays in the compound with his Ghanian wife, there are 4 LDS missionaries and an Indian family. Makes for a great mixture of culture.

I got the packages that you sent and the scriptures. Thank you so much. The envelopes were funny and nice. I went on an exchange with an elder who is 3 months on mission and it was great, I love how much new missionaries rely on the lord. I also got a letter from Sister Ferral. The dear elders were fun. Its nice to hear about Elders Nielson, Sam and Anderson.

We taught a chinese lady this week. She spoke enough english to have a small lesson. She spoke very well for just learning it in school. It was so strange, or different from our normal lessons with Ghanians. I asked her if she believed in God, and she thought for a second and said that she believes in herself. She had heard about christianity in school, but there are no churches in her part of China but something intersting that I learned about China, is that they love their families. She explained that family is important in China and in many cases, family members who die are buried next to each other. and they keep track of the ancestors very well. So when China opens to the gospel, family history will be off the charts. West Africa is a little different. Many people dont take care of records very well. So family history is hard to track past 3 generations.

I have been talking to James Koroma, the one you met at conference and he wrote to me in Krio, see if you can understand this?

Brother Beckett,

Tenki tenki for way ah yeri from yu.ah gladi tu much way wi be padi to yu fambu den na na be branch presiden na mesima from 2007 to 2010. Presiden turay na mi dadi en fos tem district presiden. Nor worri anytem yu don yu mishun en kam back home,mi wef go kuck saki for yu en other salone stuff.wi go getam na dem afrika stores.
Dis bein tem ah bi de wok na S&I office with brother charls.
Tenki plenti plenti one mi brother.we luv yu and yua parents so much.
By by .
Bro. Koroma

Direct Translation:
Thank you for hearing from you. I am happy so much to be friends with your family here. i was a branch president in mesima from 2007 to 2010. President turay is my father and my first district president. no worries, any time you finish your mission and come back, my wife will cook you saki for you and other salone stuff. we will get the food from the african stores. Right now i work at the s and i office with bro charles. thank you so much my brother. we love you and your parents so much.

everything is cool.
elder beckett

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