Monday, April 13, 2015

Its good to be a missionary!

Hello Mom. I have had a nice week. This week we had our zone meeting, and Elder Van wagoner and I had the opportunity to instruct the zone. It was gogd. I was comfortable speaking in front of the zone. Something I would have been afraid to do earlier in my mission. My mission has helped me to structure thoughts and present them. I have enjoyed doing it, and even better is to help others do what is just and right in the sight of god. No greater feelings come than when we are clean through and before God.

Freetown was nice. The movie made me think of my experience of leaving the country of Sierra Leone small. You wouldn't know the difference, but it wasnt really like Liberia or Sierra Leone. The way people talk was like Ghana, the setting was Ghana, the dress was Ghana. hahah freetown is on a mountain, and there is no bridge to get to liberia but the movie was sweet. They showed it at our stake center and some of the actors were there, so we got to meet them.

Zac's pants are sweet, of course I recognize them. What clothes do Ihave at home? Dont worry I will be home soon. I think there is only 3 more weeks until I will call you on Mothers day. I am trying not to keep track of my days left, ifI think about home it will go long. 

At the end of April our mission will combine with Accra West mission to have a conferene, so I will get to see Tyler! I am super stoked for that.

I will see conference in May most likely. 

This week I have come to see success as a missionary. Success as a missionary is not measured as the amount of baptisms that one can see. Success is representing the Lord and doing what he has asked us to do. Success is to have the Holy ghost speak through us. Success is to be obedient. Success is to invite all to live the gospel, through Jesus Christ. Its not every week that we see big miracles and big changes in peoples livees, but small small, the people come. Its so great to be a missionary, to be the one rescuing the weak and fallen, who need help to gain faith to follow their savior Jesus Christ.

Its good to be a missionary.
Elder Beckett

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