Monday, March 30, 2015

I cant tell if the work is more or less, but its truly different.

Mami aw di bodi o?

Sweet. Thank you so much for sending that. She will go home in November I think.

Yeah, I think that would be really fun to do that, as long as you would be up for Sierra Leone but I guess there are hotels there.

Elder Van Wagoner and I are both zone leaders, I dont even think there is a senior companion for zoneleaders. I cant tell if the work is more or less, but its truly different. I dont get to be so instructive one on one with missionaries and I dont get to go on exchanges with lots of missionaries anymore.. only with the district leaders but we have more reporting and solving problems and working with the office staff.

Zac kushe! Tell coach Dan that I am doing sweet. I am glad that Zac is doing sweet. 

Wow thats super cool that you are going to conference. My bishop here is going to conference  also. He is a manager over the MTC here and the church is bringing him to the Provo MTC to recieve some training, and he will get to see conference. So if you see a black man ask him where he's from, maybe its my bishop.

Ok school will be nice. Good, Elder Henrie is a really sweet guy, no problem with the release date, I am glad to be here.

Sorry that I cant email to much... I am in a rush and the internet hasn't been working to much.

i love you

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