Monday, March 16, 2015

It seems like every area has something for me to learn

Yeah my companion keeps telling my that I am old on mission, and I still feel like a small boy who is learning the work everyday.

I got the rings today... in perfect timing. Thank you for the note inside. That really helped them out alot.. he didnt sound in a rush.

Sorry to hear about your cough.

The talk went cool, and with love everything is great.

It seems like every area has something for me to learn and as soon as I learn that thing I am transfered or I get a new companion and guess what? I am being transfered to Tema, to be with Elder Van Wagoner. He is the same companion I had when I first came to Ghana, so I am really happy about that. I have been released from being a district leader after about 10 months of serving there. I have learned alot. In Kossoh Town I had a zone leader named Elder Outubu. He told me he really wanted to be a district leader, because he would have the opportunity to learn from his service. District leaders work very closely with missionaries as compared to zone leaders or assistants to the president. So I am happy with what I have learned and the friends I have made. Being with Elder Van Wagoner should be sweet, but I'll miss Elder Sibeko, I haven't been with a companion as long as with Elder Sibeko. I should finish my mission in Tema.

Its cool to see Salone. I miss there too, and I will miss Ghana, I even feel sad to leave Teshie.

Thanks mom, love you

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