Monday, March 23, 2015

I never thought that I would see the MTC again

Hey mom whats happin'? Thank you in advance for the packages, I wish I would have known, I would have asked you for a favor, I wanted to give someone another pair of scriptures with their name and I will even pay for it, because I have asked a lot from you.

Everything has been going on pretty smooth with Elder Van Wagoner. It was really interesting for the first few days, because teaching with him reminded me of the first few weeks of being in Ghana, especially because I have just been transfered to a new area. I had lots of flash backs of Kwabenya but it has been fun, we both enjoy working together, and we are trying our best to serve the lord in His way. Elder Van Wagoner is very good with the tribal languages, so it makes me look like a small boy but thats probably because he has been here for a long time and I dont have that great desire to learn the languages here but I have been picking up on that small small. Oh and Eldsr Van Wagoner and I will go home around the same time.

Teshie has lots of dirt roads and houses are a little spread out. Tema is pretty organized actually, lots of cement sidewalks and pathways in our area. Our church building shares a compound with the missionary training center, so its quite fun to see the new elders coming into the mission. I never thought that I would see the MTC again, but now I am working right around it.

The new apartment is nice. The landlord is a white guy from Zimbabwe, so he made the place really nice. We have tile floors, nice water pressure, plenty of water, even a water heater (but I have only taken one hot shower, because it has been pretty hot here). There are four of us in the apartment, and its pretty small, but we are doing okay. No ovens.. this mission doesn't have any ovens...

I am pretty tired today. Last night Elder Van Wagoner and I were up until 1 in the morning reporting on our zone and planning for our area and our zone, sending numbers and reports of how missionaries are doing takes a long time and we also have our planning session on Sunday (Cody and companion are serving as zone leaders). 

Thats sweet that Jake gets to use an i pad. It seems like the church is really using that now.

I don't know my release date yet.

elder beckett

Elder Van Wagoner was my 1st companion when I arrived here in Ghana and now I get to serve with him again!

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