Monday, March 9, 2015

I realize that its me that needed to learn!

A de o (i am here)! Yes, I am alive and well, last week we didn't find a place to email so that is why you didnt hear from me. The power goes out sometimes and the cafe's with a generator don't always have internet connection.
hahah golf sounds cool.

Yes I have thought a lot this week about school! guess what? This week I found out that its a 90% chance that I will come home in July, towords the end of the month. I am not sure why, but I will know for sure this coming transfer. Next week starts a new transfer. If I go home in July that means that I have 3 transfers left, 18 weeks... its pretty scary! When does school start for me? Who do you know going to BYU Hawaii. I heard that Jake Rushton is going there in August. Who else so I can talk to them? Do I need to pick classes? I am pretty nervous about school, so the sooner we can handle it the better. Do I need any endorsment? I want a room mate that I know if possible.
I haven't seen the rings yet, what kind of package did you send them in?

Well not all that much work has been done this week with our area. Elder Sibeko has had allergies, and this week they got so bad that we can only teach for half the day. So we have seen a doctor and by all means he will be doing better. Its strange, all of my companions in Ghana have been pretty sick and have caused us to stay inside. Alot of our investigators that had baptismal dates will need to be pushed back. I am able to stay strong with obedience, I have a sweet companion who wants to do things and work for the lord, the hardest part for me is trying to not get angry with those that are disobedient. Its so frustrating to me that elders dont take their calling as serious as they should and as a district leader its also hard to help them be motivated to be obedient. I see how you feel with our family sometimes, and see why you had certain rules for us. So I am trying to learn to lead, motivated by love. 

One funny thing that I have noticed while being a district leader is that when I instruct at district meeting every week, I usually prepare the instruction based on what my district needs help with, but during the instruction I realize that its me that needed to learn about the subject and usually find myself teaching something I dont do. That leads me to repentance and to be a better missionary. Anyways I tell you this because the lord has blessed me with the chance to speak at sacrament meeting this week, and my subject is "pride". So I believe that is what I need right now to help me, its something I have thought about recently and I know need to improve on it. 

As far as my mission, I still feel like I am strong, I dont plan on slowing down anytime soon.

For your personal missionary work, you can carry around the Book of Mormon, I gaurantee that people will ask you about it, and you can tell them how cool it is and what a blessing it is that we have it. If you look at Chronicles 29:29 you will see that there are plenty of other books that we dont have in the bible, and I am almost sure that everyone would want to read those books if we had them revealed or discovered today. How much greater the book of mormon.
Golf looks sweet. I want a Boss shirt that dad has, maybe when I go home.

Love You!

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