Monday, December 1, 2014

I still wear the shoes that Sister Farrell got for me!

Hey Dad,
The river sounds nice, I hope that I can see some pics soon. Yeah it will be strange coming home to Zac almost as old as I was when I left.  I still wear the shoes that Sister Farrell got for me, I had the bottoms resoled and they should last my whole mission (Sister Ferrall was Cody's seminary teacher his senior year. She has a tradition of buying each of her students that serve a mission, a pair nice shoes for them to take - Thanks you Sister're amazing!!).

Hey Mom,
This week went by really fast! I dont know what it is, but so far the second year of my mission is going by really fast. I have 9 months left and I feel that it will go by too fast. Does it seem like my time away is going fast or slow?
Elder Sibeko and I have been working super hard, sometimes the work is very dificult. We have a lot of recent converts in the area that we still dont know because we cant get a hold of them and al ot of the recent converts dont know about alot of the gospel.  It seems like the past missionaries didn't teach everything or really prepare anyone for their baptism. Its kind of sad because they are falling less active and they didn't have a full knowlege of what they were doing, but small small we are teaching them.

Elder Krofuah making us a local dish called banku. It tastes good now, but I didn't enjoy it when I came. Its more thick than potatoes, its like play dough.

My companion Elder Sibeko and I

At the temple after stake conference

In our ward we have 411 members and about 120 ish come to church or are active. So our bishop spoke in the third hour of church to a combined class. He talked about reactivation, and missionary work and retention. He made it sound like he really trusts us, which is a really big help, because the members have had some experiences with missionaries in the past that have caused them to not want to be friends with us. So we are really trying to get to know the members so that we can help the less actives and have a stronger ward. That evening we recieved 3 referrals and 2 less actives. So the members are coming along.

Well we have been so busy that I can't even recall everything. I am really loving my mission. Ghana is becoming better in my eyes, but it will never match up to Salone. I am happy and time is flying!

Love ,
elder beckett

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