Monday, December 29, 2014

It's always sweet calling home!

Its always sweet calling home. After the time is up I always want to call back. Christmas sounds sweet at home. Yeah when I say I am good, it means every things going well. YeahI am only thinking of extending if I can go back to Sierra Leone. I will talk to my mission president about it. The pics look pretty fun. I miss that ocean. And seeing Catalina in the horizon.  I have a few pics I will send to you today. 

We went to the MTC for a Christmas Party this last week. I thought that we would never go back to see that place. We got to go inside and watch "Meet the Mormons". It was fun seeing the US in the movie, and some things looked strange about home.

It seems like we keep running into problems here in Teshie. Elder Garcia went home this week, and it left an uneven number of elders in the mission. So now we are having 3 in our district. Which would not be so bad if we were attending the same ward, but the ward was just split, so we are three elders trying to do missionary work for two wards. We are trying to go on some splits so that we can keep up with the work. Sunday we attended two wards (5 hours of church).
I dont have much to say, I just talked to you so my mind is blank.
elder beckett

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