Monday, December 15, 2014

Modern day prophets can do more than tell us bible stories!

Before Leaving Sierra Leone
Well my week went quickly. I didnt get to work to much in the field this week. I have been needing to stay home with an elder who is sick and has needed my help. As I am looking back on the week now I am struggling to remember what has happened. I feel like I need to stop and look around more on my mission. I get caught to much in working that I dont take time to notice all of the wonderful things happening around me. 
So, a few blessings this week:
1) Talks by modern day prophets. A lot of the personal struggels I have and things that I need to work on to be more like Christ can bother me, but when I read the Liahona or any of the talks you send me it seems as if they were directed, directly to me.  Modern day prophets can do more than tell us bible stories, they can receive revelation about the gospel of Jesus Christ, so we can receive all the blessings of the atonement into our lives. 

2) One Salone woman I met here made me ginger beer this week. Ginger beer is a drink that they make in Salone, its pounded ginger mixed with water, sugar and lime. Its way good. Also the two sister missionaries from Salone are making me Kasava Leaf and Kren Kren, two sweet dishes from Salone!
Christmas is coming soon, I cant wait to talk to you all. Will Jeff be there? 

Welp talk to you soon!

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