Monday, November 24, 2014

Anything you send would be really great...They are so humble!

Okay so I talked to the salone missionaries that you want to adopt for Christmas.

So there are 4 that will be here for Christmas, Elder Charles, Elder Nyelenke, Sister Stevens and Sister Kailie

Elder Charles said that he doesn't really have anything in mind, so just money will be okay with him. I think that he goes home in Feburary or March. Elder Nyelenke is going home in January, for him, he said that he is looking for a phone or tablet for when he goes home. An iphone or small ipad, even if it is one that the family has used would be okay, is that too much? No need for itunes card or anything, he will just get apps for free or something at home.
Sister Stevens and Sister Kailie said anything that you send is okay. They say that they like jewelry, so you can send them that if you like. I dont think they have cameras, if you are willing to send one of those. Sister Kailie will go home in three months and Sister Stevens in about one year. They are pretty ordinary women, so I think it shouldn't be too hard.

For small things, the elders could enjoy a new tie, salonians like butterscotch small candies, not to sure of much else. Letters of love and encouragement. Dont say anything about ebola please. Anything if you ask me I'll know if it is okay. All of them were so blown away that you wanted to send stuff for them, anything you send would be really great. They are so humble, they didn't really have anything to ask for, (except for elder nyelenke), so even if neighbors or ward members want to give you things to send it would be nice. They wont have a really great christmas, they will call home and most of them are afraid to call home because they might get bad news about their family and friends. So this will really help them a lot. 
I will send the scriptures for Osman Sankoh next week, Elder Conteh is going home on the 9th of Dec. so he will take them, he is from the Wellington Branch. I am sending him with small money too because life after mission there is not easy.

Dad, My favorite hymn is "Lead Kindly Light".  Thank you for all you do to support me. Oh and Mom I  have recieved the letter with the debit card inside. Also the talks and stuff you send to me are perfect, they always seem to come at the right time. I was having a hard time with my companion when you sent that talk you gave, and now we are really getting along.  

I am thankful for my family, when I come home I want to spend alot of time with the family. Mom thank you for always helping us to do the correct things and dad thank you for all the support and happiness you bring to us. Sorry that this is so short, the computer keeps on shutting down here, so I love you mom and dad and family!   

Below is a letter from Pres. Heid, Cody's mission president regarding a special day of fasting in West Africa on Dec 7th for ebola and those affected if you too would like to join in:

As you know, the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea are suffering from an epidemic of the Ebola Virus Disease. Although some progress has been made in fighting this disease, individuals continue to contract the disease, and the suffering, both physical and economic, continues. We pray that those who are suffering can be helped and comforted. We pray that those who are mourning the loss of loved ones can be consoled. We pray that the disease will go away and that the people of these countries can go back to normal life. We pray that the disease will not spread to other countries.

We know that many of the members of the Church throughout the Africa West Area and, in fact, the world, are offering these same prayers. Nevertheless, we feel that it would be well for all of us in the Africa West Area to unite in fasting and prayer on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Would you, your bishops and branch presidents all please invite the people of your units to remember the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea in connection with the Church's regular Fast Sunday on 7 December 2014? In addition to encouraging the people to fast and pray for our brothers and sisters, please encourage them to pay a generous fast offering to help the poor. A good time to announce this will be at your stake and district conferences this week-end, and at sacrament meetings on 30 November 201 4,

Of course, the members may also have other needs in mind as they fast and pray on 7 December 2014. But, please ask them to include this as one of the items for their fasts and prayers that day, and in other prayers that they offer.

Very truly yours,
West Africa Area Presidency for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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