Monday, November 3, 2014

It's super satisfying when I get to see people changing their lives!

The week went by so fast. We had a great week, we were able to improve alot of our work with sweet goals. We have really been trying for member present lessons so that investigators can have a friend and so they can share there testimonies with the investigators. 
It's super satisfying when I get to see people changing their lives and when we put forward small effort to help someone and they tell us that we really helped them.  There are two people who we saw this week that were really interesting. We have been going through our area books, finding less active and former investigators. One we found that is actually in prison here, he has baptized last year. We decided that we would visit him and give him a Book of Mormon, so he could spend his time learing about the gospel. When we went to see him he was so happy to see missionaries, ends up we were the first people to visit him, so he was excited. Its nice to see people put on a smile even when they are not in great conditions. we felt that we should see him, even though it took us a long tiime to go there, because he is just as important as any other person  in the world. We got to sit in the same room and we had a member come and translate for us.

Last week I heard from one of my friends in Sierra Leone and they said that 4 people we baptized in the Wellington Branch last week. Its super sweet to hear about missionary work over there. I want to go back there so bad. I have started to really enjoy Ghana... I am pretty used to the culture now, I will miss this place also. I have gotten used to teaching in English too. Sometimes I use big words that people dont understand, so I have had to simplify my language. I struggle to speak Krio again. everything is going pretty good over here.

Elder Beckett.

Below is an update from Cody's former misison president on the family who lost their parents to Ebola.

This family's parents died from ebola over 3 weeks ago. The children were just cleared and released from quarantine. While in quarantine, the branch provided them food, clothing and water. Last Sunday, the 4 oldest children attended church. The relief society president works with the government and is finding a permanent living situation for them. 
Grateful for your prayers.

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