Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ebola has a name and a face!

Family Baptism Day. Mother, Father and baby have since died from Ebola.
5 Surviving Children have been given food and water but are in quarantine for 2 weeks. 

 Message below from mission president and adult missionary couple that were currently serving before the evacuation in Sierra Leone.

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Ebola orphans. 
Simon Kamara and his wife and young child passed away from Ebola within the last two weeks. The surviving 5 children are quarantined at the home for the next 2 weeks. The oldest, probably 14 years old, is in charge. No one nearby can safely interact with them. We don't know of any family. 
We have been able to get them food and water. Life in Sierra Leone is difficult - just imagine the added difficulty of losing your parents and younger sibling to Ebola, even without the social stigma.
Why do first world problems seem so hard, when this is their reality?
Here is a picture of the surviving children at their home. Here is the family at their baptism last November

Robin Jones-Kanzler LDS Charities: Our Emergency Response staff have had discussions with other relief organizations, and are considering now how we can best be of help in Sierra Leone.

Our Emergency Team are not planning to make any shipment at the moment to Sierra Leon
e, however, members closer to the area are paying Fast Offering to help them. In addition the Emergency Response Team is working with the International Medical Corps. 

The Church Emergency Response Team is also working directly with the local ecclesiastical leaders and local nonprofit partners to assess and meet the most basic needs of those affected. Donation to the Humanitarian Aid Fund is one of the possibility.

Donations to the Humanitarian Aid Fund allow the Church to help people throughout the world by providing relief and help so people may help themselves. Funds for Sierra Leone will come out from the HUM Fund.

If you would like to get involved the best way to help at this time is donating to the general Humanitarian Funds.  http://ldscharities.org/articles/how-can-i-help?lang=eng#donate

After the quarantine is lifted for this family we are hoping we will be able to send gifts so we will keep you posted.

Our thoughts and prayers go to this family and the many others who have been affected by the devestating ebola virus. 

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