Monday, October 20, 2014

No Ebola in Ghana!

So in Ghana all of the big pastors will make posters and try to get people to come to their service, and they will have crazy themes and titles, so we made one just for fun. 

I was talking to one of the Elders who is serving here in Ghana who is from Sierra Leone, Elder Charles, he was telling me that he can't go home, even though his mission is almost done because of Ebola. He is to continue serving until something changes so he can go home. I love talking to the Sierra Leonians here, I feel like I fit here when I talk to them.  Yeah no Ebola in Ghana and we don't have any precautions yet either. I think its because the church headquarters for West Africa is here. 

A few fun things from the week: 
On Thursday after we finished studying we walked into our parlor and found thousands of ants pouring out a hole they made in the middle of our concrete floor. We also found them in the kitchen and in the halls. They were carrying their eggs around so we killed a few thousand ants this week. They aren't the standard ants you see at home, they are about half inch big. The neighbors said that they will come back in about a month or so when they find a new route, so we will be expecting them. I also learned how to open a bottle with my teeth (don't know if I will do that too much, but at least I learned how.) I also received  the post cards you sent and the letter. Very much appreciated. It made me really excited about going to Hawaii. 

Having a little fun in Ghana!!

The work in Ghana is a little bit slow. People are a little hesitant to hear us because they are afraid of the book of Mormon, they think it has some juju or something. The part of Ghana that I am in is almost all Christian. I can hardly find a Muslim. I am happy when I do because they remind me of Sierra Leone.

Ghana is much cleaner and nicer than Sierra Leone

Elder Garcia and I have had our hands full his week with the areas combined we have had so many people to see. We weren't even able to see all of the people we wanted too but we have had some of the most powerful lessons together and really work well together. Its great when I am with a companion that wants to grow and do things the way the Lord wants. Ee are having a good time here doing some great stuff. 

One of the greatest things that has happened this week is seeing the members here in Adweso really get involved in missionary work. We have been busy trying to see all of our investigators and recent converts that we have had little time to find and do some street contacting but no doubt the members have helped the area. We received 8 referrals this week from families, and they are so interested and ready to hear from us. 

The work is done best by the members of the branches and ward whether you are just a friend to someone or you invite people to church. It's good to be good friends with non members because they will be likely to invite the missionaries in when they come knocking on their door. So be an example and be ready to give a reason for the hope we have. 

Love you, 
I'll see you soon!

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