Monday, October 13, 2014

It seems as though I am really looked after by God!

Here's a nice bug for you. Milipede or Centipede?

Well this week was different. Not much teaching was done. One of the Elders in my district got malaria for the second time in three weeks, so he was at home the whole week. We got to work on Tuesday and half  Wednesday because I fell sick and had to stay home on Thursday. The same elder who had malaria got a wakeup call from President Heid on Friday saying that he would have to go home, and maybe finish his mission in the u.s. so Friday we were trying to help him get ready to go. 

I am not sure what happened, I just woke up with this on my finger! Ingrown fingernail? It popped and all the puss came out... hopefully it wont come back.

Halfway through our day of Friday President Heid called me and said that the other area in my district would close and my companion would be transfered and I received  the elder who was companions with the malaria elder. So our areas has been combined into a huge area and we are a two man district for the next four weeks. My companion is Elder Garcia from Washington. He is a sweet guy and we get along really well and we are both ready to work. Elder Garcia fell sick on Saturday and Sunday so again we didn't work. So not to much happened but I did inherit some really cool stuff from elder Steinman (the one who went home). His parents just sent him a package, so he left tons of sweet stuff for us.

With my last companion, Elder Odume, we didn't always see eye to eye with the work, and sometimes would disagree on how to work. I knew that I would be with him for a long while  so I had been trying to help us get along. So in the past week before he was transfered, we were able to work out our differences and really get working together. It always seems like as soon as I see my problems... they are solved or when I learn from my surroundings, things change and I receive a new enviornment. So that happened this week with my companion. It seems as though I am really looked after by god and there are things that I have to learn wherever I am and what ever I do, so when I learn, things change and I can move forward much better than before..

Sitting around the apartment all week led to some boredom, so I cleaned everything, fixed the swamp problem in our front yard by draining the water, and got to watch "The Other Side of Heaven". That movie makes me never want to leave this place. 

With our areas combined we have lots of people to teach and tons of less active members, so we are going to be really busy the next few weeks.

elder beckett 

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