Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Round Two!?

Wow.. thats a lot of exciting news from home. Whoa banana splits and tacos in Mexico sound so good. Yeah it will be great when we all come home and head to Mexico for our annual surf trip but Baylor will be able to speak spanish so Mexico will be super cool for him haha! Tell Jeff to send me a post card from Fiji! 

During the week I forget about home and all the things that go on at there. I am really set apart so I forget about the real world, I guess that is how it is supposed to be so we can work with all our heart might mind and strength. Mondays are pretty hard, it makes me think about home, but I like to hear whats up with the family. Happy Halloween.. people here don't do Halloween, but when they see American movies about vampires and stuff like that, they think it's real. 

Ants invading our house

Elder Garcia my companion .... he is from Seattle Washington.

Yummy Fufu - it's made with pounded Kasava root and Plantain
 The fufu used to make me gag, but I put it down now. It is slipery, it goes right down, you dont even have to chew it. You need to come here and try it!

My front yard has a nice view of the bush. I have 
regular showers and toilets now but we still wash our clothes in a bucket. We don't use a brooking board here, just our hands so it's a little harder.

Our stove broke to say the least
Our study room

Ebola round two!  Last night we got the first announcement from the mission about Ebola. Here we go again haha...they just said we are going to be trained on it. I really hope that I wont have to leave, but I am not hopeful because of the news that I keep hearing. Every house here plays the news about it and I feel that we will leave sometime because of flight problems.

Well the work is going okay, we are helping lots of members, but coordinating with them seems to be a little hard. Our next baptism will be in December, there are a few really interested people but we will see how it goes.

We are overloaded with recent converts and less actives so alot of our attention goes to them because our areas are combined. Elder Garcia and I have been teaching some sweet lessons. We have been studying about teaching with unity and listening, and we have really taught with power and authority. I learned when we listen we wont have to think of what to say but it will be given to us, Elder Holland taught it somewhere in Preach My Gospel. I always love improving and becoming better. I have gained a great testimony of prayer and revelation. 

I also bought a cutlas this week, so I can cut open more coconuts on my own. 

Love you! Thank you for the direction in life.

PS - so mom you are going to kill me but I need my Social Security number. I promised I would memorize it when I left, but forgot it again. Can you send that to me. Thank you!

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