Monday, November 10, 2014

Teshi... Here We Come!

This week we did not do much. For the past few weeks Elder Garcia's back has been paining him, and this week it got bad so he had to lay down all week. He is also really tired all the time even though he sleeps all day. We aren't sure what is wrong. We even saw two doctors this week. One day we had to go get his blood tested, that was a fun experience. The office we went to had nice blood stains on the wall and floor, but all went well. We traveled to Accra to see a doctor...a  three hour drive to get evaluated and the doctor still doesn't know whats wrong with him, but small small he is getting better. 

Accra is a very flat place. Koforidua where I am is in the mountains, and there is lots of bush, but when we went to Accra we didn't see one coconut tree.

This was the last week of the transfer, so we were expecting transfer news. We were expecting to recieve two more elders so we could split the area again and work more effectively but wednesday we got a call from the "AP's" telling us that both of us will be transfered to Teshi (in accra) and that sisters will come replace us here. So I get to go and white wash and area (this means he and his comanpion are both new to the area). Elder garcia and I will be in the same district which is cool, because I dont know very many people from this mission.

 Our companions are both only 3 months on mission, so it feels like a big responsibility to have them. I am starting to feel older on mission now. I remember being 3 months on mission, now I am almost 15. It will be a great experience to learn and help others.

I liked the Adweso branch, its too bad I only got to stay here for 3 months, but up and away!  Elder Garcia and I will go down to Accra tomorrow to go to the mission home to be transfered. I will get to serve in a ward, so we will see how that goes (A ward is larger than a branch and he has only ever served in a branch).

With lots of time in the apartment this week I studied a few talks by apostles. I really liked one by Dallin H. Oaks titled "The Desire of Our Hearts" . God looks on our desires to know who we are, and based on our desires and actions we will be just. Sometimes we do good things but we don't do it with a willing heart or we do it with a grudge. Those things are done with no blessing or value. When our desires are good then out actions will follow. So we have to be constantly reminded of what we want to become and do if our desires will be maintained and fulfilled. So I am trying to increase my desire, and I think that it is working. 

Elder Garcia and I have really helped each other a lot and I think that we will be ready for the challenge ahead.

Love Elder Beckett

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