Monday, March 3, 2014

"This is Africa"

Good Afternoon Mom,

Wow seminary sounds so sweet. I want to join your class just to learn more. What age are you teaching again? Its pretty crazy some of the changes you see in people here, and I am sure all over the world.

The rice sickness has past, but these days I am not eating it all that often, because it is really unhealthy, and I want to get back in shape. I haven't met Ruth Ostler, I don't know if I will, but I am sure I will get whatever you sent me. Whoa you sent 4? Thats a lot! Packages are expensive, so you don't have to send them too often but if you love me that much its not bad :) If you do get the sd card, you can just put it in your camera or you can ask the Golds how, they know.

Family history is something that doesn't quite exist here yet. Sierra Leone is some how stuck in the 1830's. They are still using make shift hand carts and mixing mud and cement, with an addition of power occasionally and phone and cars. So family history is a little bit harder here, but the district here is doing a temple trip to Ghana in April, so they are collecting names. I miss the temple so much, I want to come back here when they get a temple. Save some family history for me!

Elder Bogh and I have been doing really good in our area. We are having to do a lot of finding, we are looking for serious investigators. My favorite people to teach are old men, because they are wise and they are sensible and for some reason more educated than the rest of the country. These old men usually take a while longer to convert, but thats okay because they stay once they are there. We have a miracle investigator, his name is Emanuel. He is 24 and he was so excited to meet LDS missionaries. He has been waiting for years to meet us. He has read the Bible 3 times and is going to be the next bishop in Wellington! He has been to church twice and on his second visit he was teaching the elders quorum about the priesthood. He seems to know more than most of the members. Its really amazing how people can be prepared for the gospel. I gave the CTR rings that Aunt Pam sent to me to the primary, they loved them! Its probably the nicest ring they will ever have. The city is unorganized and has lots of hills. There is lots of dust thrown in the air from motorcycles and everything is congested. This area is not like you would imagine Africa. There isn't really any bushes in this area and limited greenery. 

Its funny, people will actually tell me "This is Africa" when I learn something new or I see something as strange. All the South Africans don't like it when people here say that, because there home is very different, in most cases, more like home in America. Something I noticed this week that has been a trend since I have been here is that all the investigators who accept the gospel and are serious are people who live in quiet areas or are more secluded from the world. Everything here is loud, the music, the streets, and the peoples voices. Most people don't have time to even feel the spirit. Nothing is planned here, but the people who do seem organized seem to accept the gospel. So I have seen, those who are in the world but not of the world are more prepared and can feel the spirit more. This place has a lot of work to be done. We go do um small small! I have decided that Ugandan's are my favorite people here in Africa. I have met a few of them serving here and they are the nicest, funniest, most sincere people I have ever met but everyone is great here.

I am doing great! I run every morning, because I am trying to get rid of my rice gut, and its quite an adventure running here. We mostly worry about  dogs when we run, but grandmas dog tazzer works great!

 I'm always learning and having a great time. I always think of you guys back home and my friends on missions and what everyone is doing when I am laying in bed sweating to sleep. Its going really fast. Welp that's all about me.
I love you.... I'll be home soon.
Elder  Beckett

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  1. Elder Beckett inspires me every week. His attitude is amazing. He finds the good in difficult situations, and that is a gift!