Monday, March 10, 2014

I am enjoying this crazy demanding opportunity as much as possible

So great to hear about Connor (his good friend who just received his call to the England, Manchester mission)! And Wholly Molly.. that is insane to hear about Baylor (a cousin who is serving in Peru and was in a car accident which rolled 3 times and he and his companion were completely fine even though another person in the car had died). 

 The best part of my week was working, although not much progress in this area, but we are going out and looking for the people who are ready for us. The hardest part really is finding people that will comprehend the message that we have. Most people don't have good educations. Its amazing to me that some people who graduate from the "highschool" here can hardly speak English but there are a select few that are great and as the gospel comes it will get better. I have really just noticed how unorganized and unplanned everything is, but thats why we are here, to clean it up with the gospel!   Its a good thing we have companions, so we can talk about stuff during the day instead of getting distracted with all the problems we face.

The people here have muscles you have never seen before. You can see every muscle in their body. Thats what it means to be "jacked".

Welp, Brad moving to Hawaii?! At least when I get back I will be with Brad in Hawaii. You can see us on Facebook I guess or come visit us! 

That's great to hear about Jana going to spring training in AZ. I saw someone with an Angels shirt on the other day. 

Dang, dang... Zac went 10 feet at his first meet?  That's what I got at my first meet when I started as a Junior. He's going to be a really good pole vaulter! Kushe Zac for clearing 10 feet!

I got a few packages today. Two from you, one that you sent with Ruth and one from Sue. I haven't gotten to look in them yet, they were delivered right before I left the apartment. Thank you so much!

We live a few hours from the mission office, so Ruth Ostler went home before I could get the things to her to take back to you, sorry. I will send the pictures home with an Elder who is going home soon.

If you look in the February Ensign, there is a talk by Richard G. Scott that talks about how we get direction and meaning in our lives. When I read it I felt the spirit witness to me so much that it was true. Everyone in the family should read it. If that was my one wish, it would be to have the family read that article (click  here to read/listen to it. Cody's wish don't skip it!!)

 I really am learning and growing, you may not even recognize me when I come home :) I am enjoying this crazy demanding opportunity as much as possible.

Thank you for all you do for me!
I will see you soon...

Elder Beckett

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