Monday, March 24, 2014

The missionary work is going!


My week has been really good and it has gone by really fast. I went on an exchanges and we had a zone conference.

Cody at Zone Conference this week

Well the missionary work is going, we have been able to find some new people through the recent converts in this area but this area is pretty tough. Although everyone is willing to sit down and listen to "the word of god", not to many people are ready to flip their live around to follow Christ. People here just think that any religion is okay, it doesn't matter how you worship, but rather that you do. We do have a few awesome people that we are teaching. First, Emanuel and second Brother Rogers. Emanuel is young, 24 or so. Usually we don't teach people that young, because they usually fall way pretty quick but this man is not from Sierra Leone and has a different mind set. He was really prepared and we haven't had to teach him to many new things, although our doctrine blew his mind and he got so excited. He will help build the church here. Brother Rogers has ended up to be a big pastor at his church but has so much interest in this gospel. He knows we have sound doctrine and he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He loves Thomas S. Monson and is really glad that we have a prophet today. He will just need the faith to leave his congregation and become a Latter-day Saint. 

Wellington has a good amount of hills and has too many people. We have local markets to shop for food and  a woman who sells half half things across the street from where we live, thats usually where I buy my eggs in the morning.

 I have two good "This is Africa" stories for the week. First is about a man digging a well in our compound. So all construction and well digging is done in the dry season, so the well can still be usable in the dry season (they only have two seasons in Africa-the wet season and the dry season) when the water table goes down. So a man is digging a well in this apartment so we can have water more accessible to us. He's so deep that we can't see him anymore. Anyways one day during our studies he knocks on our door and asks us to help him with his foot that he has just split open between his toes about 1 inch (construction workers don't wear shoes here and I cant figure out why) ... so we put some hydrogen peroxide in it and bandaged him up and he went back into the hole like nothing happened. So that was interesting!  Second story is about our landlord. He is Muslim and he just completed the upstairs part of the house, so I think he wanted to celebrate and give thanks, so they brought in a full sized bull into the compound gate and sacrificed it... it was pretty amusing to see a bunch of muslim men in their caps and gowns dividing and cleaning a bull. We did get some meat though, that was really nice.

 Most people here have cell phones, they just struggle to keep them charged because there is hardly ever light.

Man that is so good to hear about Zac pole vaulting at the invitational! Did he place? Tell him to keep it up, I enjoy hearing about that.

I don't like to hear that about Grandma Richins. I have been praying for her and grandpa. Tell her that I love her and I wrote her a letter last week.  I hope she can feel better soon. She sent me a brownie. When I got it it was a month old, but I ate it anyways, it tasted just as good.

I love you!
Elder Beckett

PS -I thought you might be interested to hear this story. Cody's Mission President, Pres. Ostler's nephew donated a football jersey to DI two years ago and recently it showed up on a person in Sierra Leone! What a small world!  Click on the link to watch a video interview.

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