Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life is very fragile, that is something that I have learned here

Sierra Leone is very different from the rest of Africa. Its quite a unique country.  Its actually insane, but we cope, its amusing. If you showed up right now and took a look around you would think every thing here is crazy. There is no structure or rules. Its just a free for all!

Occasionally we have some really good sacrament meetings but most are just planned last minute. We did have the best district conference I have been to. It was the first time I felt the spirit in a church meeting, if that tells you how the sacrament meetings are. 

Mom, to answer your question about the Relief Society women here, occasionally you see women who apply all of the purposes of RS, but for the most part not really. What I have learned is that people should study the doctrine of the church, the people who read the Book of Mormon understand all of that stuff. The church is new here, but its really not an excuse, the people just don't understand everything. So no, there isn't any visiting teaching going on yet. This branch and the past branches haven't really had great leadership, but we are working on it and improving. 

Wholly molly! I got the packages. So much stuff! Its like I have America in a package. I wont need one for a while but letters are really appreciated! Thank you so much for the pictures and all the fun stuff. Thank you to the Gold's and Sister T for all the great stuff in the package. I will write you guys a letter soon. My companion loves everything too! 

An average day for us starts at 6:30 am.  We prepare and study from 8-10am, then we spend the whole day proselytizing until 6 pm (because there are no street lights here ). Then we eat, plan, and sleep. 

Pretty much the people here just try to survive for the day. Most children go to school, but that doesn't mean they learn much. Most people here have food to eat and most people share their food. If we walk down the street, 4 or so people will invite us to eat with them. The biggest challenge for the people here is living the gospel and everyone is after money. Almost everything that happens here is for rice so they can eat. But they do need a good education. This place needs a lot of things, but small small the gospel will change them. 

For our monthly allotment we go to a bank to pick up our subsistence. There is no such thing as credit cards here. There is really no such thing as credit. I'm  really never in need of money because there is not much to buy here, at least in the east side. The country is very different as you travel. I don't know how some other places are, but this place is pretty deprived. 

I take a good amount of pictures and I will send an SD card home with a returning missionary, and he can mail it to you. I don't trust the internet cafe computers here.
I was sick earlier this week. I had a fever and flu symptoms so I couldn't go out one day, but I am good now. We had a sweet district conference on how to "Hasten the Work" and how to retain the members. I was impressed with the speakers gospel knowledge. I have a better hope for the people here now. 

I finished the Book of Mormon this week. Its so sweet! I'm already starting to re-read it. Back home I disliked reading and now I love it, as long as it affects me in a good way. The Book of Mormon has strengthened my testimony so much, especially in Jesus Christ. It really clarifies the bible and strengthens people. I really love it. I will try to finish it again before your seminary class :)

We had a super p-day and we watched the Prince of Egypt. Its really good, I remember watching it when I was little. 

Life is very fragile, that is something that I have learned here. 

I'll see you soon!

PS - Thank you dad for all you do for the family.

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