Monday, January 27, 2014

The rice really plumps you up!


So to answer some questions, I don't really know why I was moved, but I guess I was needed to move to this apartment. I really didn't want to leave  Kossoh Town, because I felt like I was making a difference there. I loved the members, I loved my investigators and I loved my recent converts, so it was hard to go to a new area where I know nothing about. Over the past week things have gotten much better. My companion is elder Gyewu-Appiah (G-U-Appiah), from Ghana, we are serving in the Wellington area, it is about 10 minutes closer to Freetown. Elder Appiah and I have decided to really focus on the branch and less-active people, while teaching some investigators. President Hinckley said something like, "You can baptize the whole world, but what good is it if the members don't stay active."

Wellington is an area located in the far east of the capital city of Sierra LeoneFreetown. The area is actually seen as an industrial estate. It is home to several minor industries found in the country. These include the Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd, Marika Palm Kernel Enterprises, etc.

Elder Appiah and I are getting along great. Our area is full of hills, we have been tired of going up the mountain, so we have been taking motorcycles taxis. I will try to send you a video, but if not you will see it when I come home. My clothes get really dirty now because of the dry season, there is a lot of dust in the dry season. In the wet season I could wear a shirt for 3 days, but now I have to change my shirt everyday. Our apartment is really nice.. we have light almost all the time and we have running water. I'm still is so hot at night, two nights
ago I couldn't get to sleep, I just laid in bed and sweat a lot.

Click here to watch a short video to get more insight of Cody's new are in Wellington 

I have gained a lot of fat since I have come, the rice really plumps you up. I have been working out with an elder in my apartment who is ripped just like Jacob Warner. He is like my trainer, I have started to gain some muscle and put off some fat. In fact my companion and I went running this morning. We went down to the highway to run. We went running on the
median (about 3 feet wide) in the middle of a 4 lane highway. That is the only flat place to run, and we have seen people do it, so we started, it felt really good to run. I have been eating a lot in this new area, the other day we got 4 free meals after we ate lunch. So basically we ate rice for 5 hours, I am not really sure how we put it down. People never tell you when they will feed you and if you ask you will get.

So that highway that we were running a long is very interesting. It is the road we take to come email every Monday. It is basically a garage sale for 10 miles along the freeway. You can find anything you want there, clothes, workout equipment, shoes, electronics, cars, tires, toys, and other half half things. Sierra Leone is very funny, I enjoy the people and the culture.

I am good and my testimony is really strong. I wish when I was at home I shared the message of this church with more people. It's very unreal how my personal belief and knowledge of Jesus Christ has grown since I have been here.

I serve Jesus Christ and represent Him and I also represent my family. .. So I have given 2 years for my love of Jesus Christ and for the love of my family. 
Love, Elder Beckett

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