Monday, February 3, 2014

I learn everyday!

This week has been really great, we have been really working hard, although on Thursday I did get the flu, I am better now. I borrowed some John Bytheway talks that got me through the day. My companion is still a district leader and because of that I go on many exchanges. Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Mongalo from South Africa, that was a good time. 

Today our zone went to Bureh Beach again and enjoyed ourselves. We played futbal and frisbee and ate. Of course people were surfing again. I talked with some of the guys I met last time and met someone from San Jose, California. This guy is traveling from London to Cape town on a motorcycle, all the way down Africa. He is surfing all the way down. He's a really sweet guy! He has enjoyed Bureh Beach so much that he has stayed there for 3 weeks.

Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone

Some members of the Bureh Beach Surf club

When we are working hard I am feeling good and this week we really have been working hard. We have really been sticking to the basics and it is paying off. We have particularly been focusing on God and who he is and what he does. Everyone here thinks God is a spirit, even some of the church members. The longer I'm here the better I'm understanding the people here. Back home I know the missionaries get rejected and get told crappy things. I have found out that people say those same things here, but not to our face. Except for one investigator we have, she is giving us a hard time. She has decided that all churches are Christ church and you can worship anyway. She is convinced that this is Joseph Smith's church or something. So really this mission is a lot like every other mission, once you get past the language and the culture.

Mom can you send some AAA batteries and a nice frisbee. Does anyone want a shirt made for them? I can have them made, you just wont get them for a long while. Mom and Jana if you take a pair of sandals and measure the bottom of them and send me the measurements, I can get some sweet sandals for you.

I am getting pretty tired of eating rice but hey, almost a quarter of the way till I can have some In- n -Out! 

Wow, Zac is taking finals. I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore! Send my greetings to grandpa, Uncle Verlin and Joel for their birthday's this week. 

Oh water problems ... we have water problems here also, only on certain days can people get water from the faucets. 

I learn everyday and have found that there is no perfect missionary and that we can all work on something. God really does love us, I try to look for the blessings everyday, I always try to imagine what prayers are answered throughout my day.  The plan of salvation is my favorite gospel topic, because you can always learn more and its the most amazing thing I have ever really knew to be true.  I have realized that there is so  much we need to do in this life to go back to God but that is why we have missionary work.

Alright talk to you next week ....
love , me

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