Monday, February 17, 2014

The work is what makes me happy!

Picture from his "super p-day at Bureh Beach two weeks ago. It's blurry but we'll take it!! Cody is back row, right, fourth person in. His companion Elder Bogh is top row left, fifth Elder in. 

Hello, how is everyone? I'm guessing that eveything is still the same. Not to many exciting things happened this week. We have been working with a lot of members to help fellowship the investigators that we have and it is really working. I received Elder Bogh today. Elder Appiah has been transfered. Elder Bogh is from Redlands California, so not too far away from home. I am glad to have Elder Bogh although missionary work is a little bit harder with two white poeple, but not bad. I still have the district leader as a companion which is still sweet because I like going on exchanges.

To answer your questions, I got the hymn book and I really love it, I wrote grandma a letter to thank her. Haha... when you send a package, all the food is gone within a week, except for the Famous Amos, I have kept those because they are really good. Yeah, I will get those sandals made for you and Jana. I can't send anything home unless I send it with a missionary who is going home. There is no mail system here, well... there is only one post office in the whole country, but its in the West of Freetown.

So the best part of my week was working with this man named Lance. Lance got baptized the first week that I came into this area. He is really strong. He gets a lot of opposition from his family. His family only feeds him once a week, they no longer pay for his schooling or his transportation and sometimes they wont open the door to the house at night to let him in but he still comes. Even on Sunday the family took his white shirt so he couldn't come to church, but he came anyway dressed in casual clothes. He is always ready to go with us to teach and is already preparing to go on a mission. He is reading Preach My Gospel already. I was talking with Lance last night and I was listening to some music with him. I remembered that I had the music from that movie Blood Diamond, so I played it to him. There are three songs on that track that have Sierra Leone indigenous languages in them. He translated them for me and it was really sweet. All the music that you hear around here is fast and really loud pop but I guess that the people in the countryside make more "cultural" music. Lance has taught me a lot about the history of this place and I have really enjoyed it.

We will also have one woman baptized this week and she will also be really strong.

The work is what makes me happy and we are working pretty good. If I wasn't on a mission here, I dont really know what I would do here.

All in all I'm good!
Elder Beckett

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