Monday, January 6, 2014

We had a service project at a local polio clinic

My week was really good. We had a service project at a local polio clinic. Our zone painted the whole building, and it took the whole day. That project made us miss a few lessons, but its okay, the polio people needed it. I don't really understand what the polio clinic does except house people with polio, mostly children. Its pretty unreal how they are taken care of. I would rather sleep outside than in there. 

Cody and others painting at the Polio Clinic

As we were painting the president of Sierra Leone stopped by in his car and gave someone 500 dollars. Its funny, I have seen this president
more than my own.  He drives in a big convoy, but there is no need, no one would hurt that man here, they love him too much, most likely because he gives money and stuff but that was good.

Ernest Bai Koroma
Sierra Leone, President
Here is a New Year letter for 2014 written by the president of Sierra Leone to the country 
if you are interested in reading click here 

We have been preparing one family of 3 and another for baptism, and they were baptized on WednesdayNew Years day. The baptism was really good. We had some problems with some branch members not fulfilling their responsibilities but we covered them. We had the most people I've ever seen show up to this baptism, I think because we had a party right after the baptism. The family we brought to the church is really happy and strong. Their names are Mariatu and Abraham. They were so excited to pay their tithing this week, even the day after they were baptized, so we helped them do that. The other one that we baptized was Musa. He has friended me on Facebook, so if you accept it and message him you can to talk to him and even give him messages for me.  

This week we had interviews with president Ostler, and it was fun to talk to him. We also got transfer news and I will remain with Elder Flament. I am glad because we have a lot of people lined up for baptism this transfer. Elder Flament and I have been studying in the
"first 12 weeks" program. It's for training but we are freshening up on our teaching skills and the basics of missionary work.

Cody is the one with the hat and his companion, Elder Flament is the tall one on the left, second elder in. He is from England.

I got your package and it was suuuuper sweet! The best parts were the calendar with the family pictures, the picture book and the quote book and of course the candies are fantastic and I loves the cake. I couldn't wait until my birthday to open it. Thank you brother and sister Larsen for the Oreos and your Christmas card. I am limiting myself to 1 Oreo a day so they will last long. The Rushton's even sent me a small package full of snacks and a letter and some "future missionary" stickers to give to some people. I think I'll give them to the primary, because they don't have stuff like that. Thank you Rushton's I loved it! The Bartons sent me a
letter, that was really sweet to hear from them also. The most surprising letter I got was from Hannah McGuire (a friend from school). I will write them all back on that card stock paper you sent. I think the paper I was using before was not working  all the time for the pouch system and maybe that's why people were not getting letters. Thank you for the card stock. How is Zac, Jeff, Jana and Brad? I love looking at them in the calendar.

Wow Chase is home from China, and planning to go to BYU! I miss that guy, does he have a beard?

You can still send the music on the thumb drive thanks.

Jeff,  for New Years eve the people here just stay up late and go to church. Every church
has a service, even our own but people bang pots and dance. The churches here just dance and sing at there services. The music is Salone gospel, basically techno.

Mom, those are sweet goals you have this year, I will come help with them when I get home. We set goals every month, week and day. I have learned how to make reasonable goals that will 
make me stretch.

Dad, thanks for all the advice, and its all true.  Wow, super cross has already started! I thought it was later in January. Haha.. the people here would love to know that Bubba Stewart is racing. If a black man is good at anything the people here claim him as their own, for example Obama. Alright .. thank you dad, I love you, I will see you soon!


Elder Beckett

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