Monday, December 30, 2013

Being in Africa is great and all but the gospel is much better!

Hello! Christmas was really good, mostly because I got to talk to you. I wish it could have been longer, it seemed like it was 20 minutes. After I hung up I kept wanting to call you back! I know I sound different, I can't really speak like I used too and it has gotten worse since I have been with Elder Flament, because he speaks with an English accent. Wow, how was your Christmas breakfast, and what did you eat? Wow, your Christmas seems so exciting, we did not do much, we just sat around all day and called our parents and stuff.  Although we did have a sweet dinner with some nice chicken. All the stuff you sent was great!  The Nerf guns never get old. At night and in the mornings before we go out we have intense Nerf. 

Did grandpa get the letter that I sent him? I hope so. Maybe you can give me his email address! Wow, you guys really had a good time going to Mexico. I could use a taco right about now!

I haven't been too home sick this Christmas season because we have been working really hard through it. Although, I miss all the lights and tree business, but I had one of the most enjoyable Christmas' in a while so it was nice. Our area is booming right now, we have found really prepared people in this transfer.  This week 3 people will be baptized. One is Musa, he is really sweet and we are trying to teach everyone that lives in his house. There is even a less active in that house  that wants to come back but we just need to help convert her husband so she can be allowed to come. The other two candidates are Mariatu and Abraham. They are married and have a 1 year old daughter. They have really seen how the gospel blesses families. They used to fight all the time and they couldn't seem to get along but since he stopped smoking and drinking and us helping them to have a christelike home they have become so happy. They have even overcome trials with members and they are making a covenent strictly because their faith in Christ.  

I have truly seen how the gospel has blessed my family. When I first got here I found it hard to teach that families are blessed by the gospel, but now I have a very strong testimony about it. Thanks mom and dad for raising me in the gospel. I really have not found a work so satisfying as this one and my life so happy. Thanks for everyone who encouraged me, you have helped me do something great! I can't decide if my investigators are more happy or I am, I love it. It really doesn't matter where you serve, even if its Provo Utah, you will have the time of your life. Being in Africa is great and all but the gospel is much better. 

Time is flying,
Elder Beckett

PS - can you give me that lemonade recipe? I have an oven so can you send me a Bell family cook book? and the German Apple Pancake recipe? Also, can you send me hand sanitizer? Oh and Elder Flament says Hi!

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