Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas in Salone is not really the same as at home

Wow Christmas is here!  Christmas in Salone is not really the same as at home. Its really hot during this time of the year. The people don't put up lights because there usually isn't power to light them, although I did see one house that hung shiny stuff around their house. From what Elders say,  on Christmas people just eat a lot of food, oh and the people party a lot. This week we saw a bunch of cars parading down the street with people hanging out the windows listening to loud music, not Christmas music but rap. There was a flat bed truck that only had speakers on it, playing so loud that Liberia could hear it! We asked someone what was going on and they said they were celebrating Christmas... so I guess that's how they do it. 

So the Christmas phone call.... They told us we only get money to call if we need it.... for those who can't afford it but otherwise I will give you my phone number, and the night before I'll text you so you can see the number. Then I will call you when I can talk, when you answer I will just hang up and you can call me back.  What phone do you want me to call?

My new area is sweet now, I didn't like it when I first came because it was very flat and full of houses, there was no food and no investigators but we have many investigators now and the branch is really sweet. The people here are much easier to teach than my last area. 
Although there isn't very many things to buy here we do have sweet missionary resources because we are so close to the mission office. The food is the same, but we don't get as much. Bo is in Mende land.  The Mende tribe is very giving and will always have you eat but I am now in Timinee territory, so I don't get as much but the food tastes the same. I like Elder Flament alot, we get along well. We enjoy ourselves. I just get small irritated when the room is messy but hey it's always a good time.

 I loved Elder Ogden and Hoffman. Elder Morgan is serving where Elder Hoffman lives .. haha... and Tyler Schoesow in Ghana has met him because Hoffman lived in Ghana right before he came on his mission so it's a weird circle of friends.

 Was fun for our family to get this post card in the mail this past week from Elders Hoffman and Ogden, two Elders that Cody served with in his last area.

So Patrick is back from Germany? Does he look the same? I know I wont. I can see my face getting fatter here. I am gaining fat, and I am stuggling to fight it off. I wish I was there for Jake's talk (Cody's cousin who is leaving this Wednesday to serve his mission in Calgary, Canada and spoke in church Sunday)

So we have appointments every hour of our day, there isn't a time on this mission when you wont find someone to teach.  We have to limit our teaching because of appointments and mission buisiness.

 To your question about getting money. For us to get money from the mission we have to travel 30 minutes to a bank and take money out of our accounts. I found a way to get money to me a safe way. There is something called moneygram...look it up online. Basicly, you transfer money to my bank (Rokel Bank) and we collect it. When I collect it I just have to give them a password that you will email me but it is nice to recieve money in letters or packages. I got 50 dollars from grandma and that was really sweet! I got 212,000 leone out of it. So that will be nice to buy some extras here. 

Yeah Dad, we will have to go to Buher beach surfing here in Africa  ...your the sweetest dad ever, thanks for the example and your inspiring letters. 

I have been reading the book of James and it's my favorite book in the bible. The messages are just so plain and if people were just to listen to James the world would be a better place. My favorite scripture in James is chapter 1 verse 8 - "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways"

 Anyway... I am doing good and we have sweet new investigators. I'm really trying to work with members and trying to gain their trust. So this week we taught this member and at the end we asked if he had anything for us to do so he told us he needs his palm tree cut down. So we started by cutting the palm frons off with a machete, while balancing on a rickidy ladder, we ran out of time so we will go back tomorrow to chop it down. The member, brother Williams wanted me to get the coconuts out of the tree, but if I were to climb up into the tree I would have gotten my shirt more dirty. I swear there is reverse racism here, his daughter said I couldn't climb the tree because I was white, so I will show her tomorrow! 

Life's good when you are busy!
Elder Beckett

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