Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I forgot it was my birthday!

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I woke up and forgot that it was my birthday, but luckily you sent that calendar, so that is how I remembered. Usually people here celebrate birthdays by eating lots of food. That is really how they celebrate everything. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I may not be able to respond to all of you but I have enjoyed your messages!

Yes I'm feeling better ... last week I was only sick for a few days. The weather is humid beyond belief here and hot like at the river house is in the summer. (I checked the weather there for the week and it looks like the high in the daytime will be 92* and the low in the evening will be 76* and the humidity will vary from about 60-86% - well at least his bucket showers are cold!!)

It's good to hear that those guys finally emailed you. The picture is sweet!! (Below is a picture of some guys from San Clemente, CA that Cody and his companion met a month or so ago. They are return missionaries and were there in Sierra Leone on a humanitarian trip. There is an inspiring story if you are interested in reading about their organization just click here , but in a nut shell the African looking guy on the far right is Fas Lebbie. He was raised in Sierra Leone for part of his life then his family had a unique opportunity to move to the US. He and his family ended up joining our church when he was 16, served a mission and has started his own business and an organization to try and help the people of his native country. Below is a wonderful note and picture that we are so grateful for that was emailed to us from the photographer who is part of the group.


"I was recently in Sierra Leone on a humanitarian project as the photographer. One day after documenting FAS movement teaching some orphans how to surf, making our way back through the dirty claustrophobic streets, we passed the missionaries. It was a dramatic contrast to see two young men in white shirts and ties contacting in the streets. It made me think and appreciate the goodness of God.  I just returned from my mission in Southern Africa. I served in the Johannesburg South Africa mission and the Botswana Namibia mission as well. 2011-2013 It was interesting to experience a different part of Africa. My hat is off to your son, there is plenty of work to do in Sierra Leone. The weather is humid and the country is super undeveloped and there is a lot of poverty and pollution. But many many opportunities to serve. "

"Anyways don't want to take to much time. Your son is healthy and strong. He has a very optimist attitude about the work and seems to be very happy. It was nice to say hi, hope you have a nice day! "

- Brother Fackrell 

Cody, Elder Flament and the Fas Movement group

This week has been very different. Late Tuesday night I got a call from the zone leaders telling me I was going to be transferred the next day. This was strange because transfers happen in 6 week cycles, and it was week 2. So, basically they pulled me out of an area that I loved, where I really felt I was making a change with the branch and  the investigators and put me into an area where I don't know anything about and I felt like I couldn't help. My new apartment is full of all Africans... I am the only white guy, so its a little different. The cultures are very different, but I am becoming friends with them small small (oh the Krio). I have been looking for the blessings of being in this area, and one that I found was that I was able to contact some women that were from  Brooklyn, New York visiting some family here. I got their information to send to the missionaries in the US. They said they wanted to meet with missionaries after I told them about the church and the mission I am on. So that was really cool! If I was not here, I don't think they would have been contacted. So dad I got to do some missionary work in your mission! Anyway, I am adjusting to the new area (which he forgot to mention where that is..haha)and I am getting along pretty good with my new companion.

Sorry, I cant send pictures, but you will have them when I come home. 

Mom I have some things I would like to have, could you send them to me?
-hand sanitizer 
-church stickers for primary
- fun stickers to put on letters like scrap booking stickers

Thanks mom ... I love you goodbye! 

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