Monday, January 13, 2014

I have only been rejected twice on this mission

I am okay but I'm kind of sick. I had a cold last night and today I have a stomach ache and diarrhea but besides that we have had a good week.

 I have been proselyting with my military issued standard work (thank you Sean Ryan). I made a small case with  thin cardboard and duct tape, leaving just the spine of the small books out in the open. I use the boot strap to hold them in. Anyway, as we have been going about our missionary business many people have asked me if what I was holding (the mini scriptures) was a bible. I would go on to explain about how I have the New Testament andThe Book of Mormon, a nice way to bring up a discussion. We have found a few people because of it. While leaving a lesson a man at this investigator asked, "Is that a bible?" I gave this man a 1 minute explanation about how God has given us the Old Testament, the New Testament, and now another Testament, The Book of Mormon. After a few minutes of him asking some questions and us clearing up some confusion, he compared the Book of Mormon to the Quran (The Quran - English pronunciation Koran is the central religious text of Islam). He seemed pretty opposed to the idea of the Book of Mormon. We asked if we could come to his house another time and explain. He straight up told us he doesn't want to know about what we teach or The Book of Mormon. I have only been rejected twice on this mission. It really sinks into you, that the person who rejected The Book of Mormon wont be able to get the blessings that it brings. Startled and confused a little Elder Flament and I respected this mans agency and moved on. The whole day I couldn't get it off my mind. I have been thinking about the missionaries at home and how often they get rejected because of The Book of Mormon or the name "mormon" or Joseph Smith'. It's to bad that people can't see that this is Jesus Christ's church and that there are boku boku blessings if the gospel of Jesus Christ is lived. We don't worship anyone but God. So, that was a fun experience....

 Mom would you mind sending me some pudding, the kind you have to cook? Some Nutella?

On that thumb drive with music, if the songs are not converted to MP3,
they wont play on my speaker and can you throw on some Johnny Cash
gospel and some Phantom of The Opera!  Thanks, mom!

Love Elder Beckett

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