Monday, July 27, 2015

We knock on doors, stop people in the streets and talk to everyone!

Wow thats sweet, that  makes me want to work with missionaries when I go home. We knock on doors, stop people in the streets, talk to everyone. Thats how we tract. But most effective is member referrals. I like my new companion. I was worried at first, but we have relly been doing well and getting work done, even though we had  busy week. My compion is Elder Mabizela from South Africa, Port Elizebeth. Yes it seems Iwill finish as a zone leader.

Me too, I like family history, I want to do some when I come home.
I would love to do the missionary pannel thing! That sounds sweet!

The talk sounds cool I will put something together. They gave me my flight itinerary this week. That ws weird, I feel like I have been on mission for 6 months.

 I'm glad Elder Van got back okay.  I am sure I will see him again.  The "A" button on this key board is relly hard to press so thats why some of the words are missing the letter a.... 

Elder Weegie from Liberia - one of my favorite guys!
These two are brother and sister and are returned missionaries. They are from Sierra Leone and they moved to Ghana for school. I know where they stay in Kossoh Town in Sierra Leone.

Our place in Tema

Elder VanWangor made it home!

On splits with Elder Bautner

Another great week, I have felt uplifted having looked back at the week.
Well, at the beginning of the week I was in a tri-panionship with Elder Udonsa and Bautner, so to make most use of our time on Tuesday we went on splits. I took a member and we taught and found people. Wednesday was transfer day, I was with Elder Mabizela and Sunders. I did six interviews on Wednesdy for some elders in the zone, it took a long tiime, but I'm glad we got to see so many baptized. We have been doing home teaching with our ward and that is one way we have been finding less activies and prt member fmilies.

Tema Zone
We hd zone meeting this week. We talked about family history, an acceptable offering to god on our missions and our new missionary handbook that we have about rules in our mission, and how the mission runs.. I had a few missionaries share experiences about how they have shown faith, purity nd diligence on their mission. It was motivating.
Everything went well but there is more to do.

I look forward to more weeks like this.
Elder Beckett

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