Monday, July 20, 2015

Elder Van and I had a sweet time!

Yes I have my drivers license, but its at our mission home in a safe, so I cant tell when it expires. wow thats a lot of news from home! I wont get trunky, just don't tell me too much about home. Right now I feel the weight of the zone on my back, because my new companion is going to be learning the zone leader stuffs so it keeps me awake and on my toes. Elder Van finished very strong, so I will follow him and do the same.

This week Elder Van and I had a sweet time following the spirit. When we were at a point in our day that was not planned for, such as all appointments bounced us, we would pray and after seeking the spirit and paying close attention to its promptings we found two families this week. It would be funny to see ourselves from a third person point of view: sometimes we would pass a street, and I would be prompted to go back, and we would, but we must look a little crazy turning around which must look like for no reason to others. Its not bad, I am willing to look a little crazy to do the lords work. Elder Van Finished hard. Even today while he was traveling to the mission home he contacted someone and sent his information 
to us.

Me and Van!
FM (code for "free meal")

Zone business!

My New companion is from South Africa. He is one of the district leaders in our zone. I haven't been to the temple since I left the MTC, but I will go at the end of my mission, actually in a few weeks I think.

This week we have a baptism and we are happy and our candidate is happy.

We had a zone conference this week with 3 zones, we met at our chapel, so we were scrambling to make sure everything was in order and ready.

Whelp thats all.

Elder Beckett

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